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You're On (DM/HP)

This is a gift fic for SA. I hope everyone at dracotops_harry enjoys it, as well as her!

Merry Christmas, silentauror!! ♥ I do hope you like it.

Title: You’re On
Author name and email: MalikaMoonbeam; mali1o8@hotmail.com
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Summary:“What was that? You call that a punch!” Harry was laughing again and Draco wanted to shut him up. The only thing he could think of doing, which probably wasn’t his most rational idea, was to kiss Harry hard on the mouth. And bite his lip, too. Merry Christmas, SA!
Category(s): PWP, Humor, First Time
Disclaimer: I’m only borrowing JK Rowling’s wonderful characters to play in my dream world. They do *not* belong to me, nor am I making any profit off of this story. I mean no harm.
Author’s Note: I thank Founders Child, Nette, and Caylinn for doing fantastic jobs beta'ing this.

Silent Auror requested that I write her a H/D story with it being Draco’s first time, and that it would be splendid if Draco topped as well. I asked her if she wanted Virgin!Harry or Bad Boy!Harry, and she said it didn’t matter as long as it was relatively IC. This is what I came up with! Merry Christmas, SA, and I hope you love your gift! Hugs, hugs, hugs.

What? You mean you’ve never done … you know,” Harry blushed slightly as he made a crude gesture with his hands, “it before?”

Draco sputtered for a moment and then collected himself. “Well, it’s not like you have!”

Harry snorted. “Yeah…” his blush was growing by the second, but he spoke with confidence anyway, “but I just expected that you of all people, Malfoy, would have lost yours ages ago.”

“I don’t go fooling around with just anyone, Potter. I have high standards.” Draco said, and stuck his nose in the air, and adjusted the tie that was barely secured on his neck; half of the loop hung over his shoulder.

Harry’s eyebrows shot into his fringe. “But you’d get off with me? The boy who is your sworn enemy, the one whom you hate? The Half-Blood you live to make miserable? The –”

“It’s not like you don’t have power, the very thing us Malfoys are drawn to,” Malfoy interrupted, “and you’re famous. These are the only reasons I choose to get off with you,” and also the fact that I somehow find you attractive doesn’t hurt, Draco added in his mind. “Besides, it’s not like you’re going to stick your…anything…in me.” He concluded.

“You’ve given me a blow job, Malfoy.” Harry laughed. “I don’t see how it’s so different. One hole, another hole…” he trailed off.

“Why, how crude of you, Potter,” Draco said, a look of mortification etched in his face. “That’s a very intimate spot! I’m not about to let you … violate it. And you would.”

“I wouldn’t be violating anything if you’d allow it!”

“Sure, like I’d let you!”

“Oh yeah? Well, who says I want to do you, anyway; what if I wanted it the other way around?”

“As if! I certainly wouldn’t want to touch your rear end…not even with a ten-foot wand!”

“I bet you’re dying to!”

“In your dreams!”

They huffed, crossed their arms, and glared at each other through the dim light of one of Filch’s supply closets.

“I dare you,” Harry spat.

“You’re on.”


“Tonight. Nine o’clock. Room of Requirement.”

They gave each other one last poisonous look before simultaneously trying to exit the closet and getting stuck between one another and the door frames on either side of them.

“Get out of my way! I started to leave first, Potter!”

“Yeah, right, I got here first! You move!”

Draco swung his fist awkwardly, trying to connect with Potter’s eye. He missed and almost hit himself in the face instead.

“What was that? You call that a punch?!” Harry was laughing again and Draco wanted to shut him up. The only thing he could think of doing, which probably wasn’t his most rational idea, was to kiss Harry hard on the mouth. And bite his lip, too.

So that’s how Harry found himself with Draco’s lips furiously pressing against his. Without thinking, he snaked his arm around Draco’s neck, pulling the blonde closer to him, but he yelped when the unmistakable sharp feeling of teeth sank into his lower lip. Ouch!

“What the fuck, Malfoy?!” And then they were kissing again, tearing at each other’s lips, teeth gnashing together with loud clacks. It was possibly the worst kiss shared by the two, but they were both hard within seconds.

“Potter, I have to get to class.” Draco said with a gasp as their mouths finally tore apart. Both of them were breathing deeply and staring at one another with lust blazing in their eyes.

“I know. So do I,” Harry agreed, and they started to shuffle out of the doorway, trying not to brush their erections together, which were painfully confined in their trousers.

After what seemed like hours, they were out in the hallway. They quickly adjusted their clothes and hoped it didn’t look too horribly like they’d just been wanking themselves off together.

“See you later,” Harry said clumsily once he’d straightened himself as best he could.

“Er, see you, Potter.”


Harry and Draco did meet at nine o’clock that night in the seventh floor corridor. They were both surprised to see each other, figuring that the other would have chickened out.

“So,” Draco said, simply, with a haughty expression on his face even though his insides felt like the goop that was in their closet. He had accidentally mashed his elbow into the stuff Filch used to clean with when Harry was giving him a blow job. Shaking himself from the memory, lest he get hard prematurely, he looked at Harry curiously who had started to walk back and forth in front of the wall across from a hideous tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy trying to teach trolls to dance the ballet. He had his eyes screwed tightly shut.

“What are you thinking of, Potter? Because I want a decent room with a decent bed.”

“Shut up.” Harry whispered angrily and once again started to pace. On the third time to and fro, a door appeared. Draco opened it with a flourish.

“Ah, look at this! You’ve done an ok job, here, Potter. Green and brown décor, too.” Draco entered the room, followed by Harry, who shut the door behind him.

The room had a roaring fire going and was very cozy. A medium-sized bed was to the far left. There was a small sitting area to the right, with comfortable-looking leather chairs and a fluffy white rug in front with a dark walnut table on top. Lying on top of the table were a few magazines.

Draco strolled over and picked one up. His eyes widened until they were practically bulging out as he flipped through it.

“A porn magazine, Potter? Now, really!” He didn’t put it down even though he apparently didn’t like it.

“The room seemed to think we would want it, I guess.”

“What exactly did you have in mind when you asked for a room?”

“I, er, was asking for a nice place where we could shag.” Harry replied, scratching the back of his neck.

“That would explain it. Alright, let’s get down to business.” Draco said, tossing the magazine down, turning back towards Harry, and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Since when has this been business?!” Harry exclaimed.

“Whatever. Start undressing.”

“And since when did you order me around?”

“Since tonight! Now do it.”

Harry scowled, but complied, slowly unbuttoning his plaid flannel pajama top. Draco had showed up in fancy, expensive-looking silken ones.

“Come on, we haven’t got all night!” Draco complained, tapping his foot against the rug.

“Like you have somewhere better to go!”

“Just take off the bloody shirt!”

“No, I think I won’t, thank you! You take off yours!”

Draco sighed heavily. “It’s a wonder we ever end up doing anything.”

“I haven’t the faintest idea why that could be, Malfoy." Harry quipped, his voice laced with sarcasm.

“Yeah, it’s because you’re a jerk!”

“Oh, right, and you’re an angel?”

“As a matter of fact, I am!”

Harry lunged at Draco and would have sent them colliding into the table behind the blond if the room hadn’t zapped it away in the nick of time. They landed, limbs sprawling, on the rug with an ‘oomph’, and didn’t miss a beat; Harry ripped at Draco’s shirt while Draco returned the favor. It wasn’t moments later that their chests met hotly and their shirts were scattered around them. They both groaned, and their fight was forgotten as soon as their lips crashed together.

Harry threw his head back when Draco, undulating beneath him, attacked his Adam’s apple with vehemence. They were both hard and rutting together, their clothed erections pulsing thickly every time they bucked their hips. Soon it wasn’t enough and Harry began to shimmy out of his pajama bottoms and boxers. Draco cottoned on and did the same. They moaned loudly when their now freed cocks rubbed together, the wetness from both creating a warm and slippery friction.

“This rug is itchy and now my bum’s all scratchy! I’m going to get rug burn!” Draco whined when Harry ground his hips against him, pushing Draco further into the rug.

“Let’s move onto the bed, then.” Harry suggested, and Draco nodded. They got to their feet clumsily, made it to the bed with only a few stolen kisses to mark the way, and then climbed on.

“Lie down, then, Malfoy,” he said, and then hesitated before asking, “How do you want to do it, then?”

Draco didn’t reply, simply lying down on his back. He didn’t loose eye contact with Harry, either.

“Er, are you sure you want to do this on your back? Maybe you should, er, roll over on your stomach.” Draco did. “And maybe place a pillow under your hips?” Harry added as he remembered something Seamus told him about ‘good leverage’.

“Now who’s ordering whom around, Potter,” Draco’s muffled reply came, but the pillow went under his hips, anyway. He tried not to rut against it.

“Just be quiet!” Harry suddenly paled as he got an eyeful of all the smooth, creamy skin exposed before him. His sight zeroed in on the rounded perfection that was Draco’s arse all on its own. He didn’t know what to do. Tentatively, he reached out and pulled the cheeks apart with both hands. Harry bit down hard on his lip.

“What are you doing, Potter?” Draco asked with a hint of worry in his voice. He lifted his head up to look at Harry.

I really don’t know, Harry thought, and said, “Nothing! You’ll see! Put your head back down!” He ignored the way his voice broke at the end, which made him sound a bit hysterical.

“I’m, er, not sure it’s going to fit.” Harry mumbled, and stroked a finger down Draco’s crack, which caused Draco to thrash his hips. “Did that hurt?” Harry queried, and, to his horror, his voice trembled.

“No, fuck, Potter, it felt … good. Now, what do you mean, you’re not sure ‘it’s going to fit’?”

Harry poked at Draco’s arsehole. “I mean, I highly doubt my dick can fit up your arse, is my point.”

“WHAT? You’re not sticking your dick up my arse! You’re barking!”

“Er, Malfoy, that’s how you … shag.”

Draco was silent for a moment. “Of course I knew that!”

“Sure you did.” Harry said, and then experimentally pushed the tip of his finger inside.

“Aah! Potter! What’s that?”

“My finger,”

“Why’d you stick your finger up my arse?”

“To see.”

“To see what?”

“Oh, for the love of Merlin.” Harry sat back, pulled his finger out with a ‘pop’, and crossed his arms. Draco rolled over, and then propped himself up on his elbows.

“Look, let me do it. You lie down, Potter.” Harry hadn’t moved. “Assume the position!” Draco barked out and sat up.

“FINE,” and then Harry lowered himself onto his stomach like Draco had, the pillow now cradling his arousal.

Draco put his finger in front of Harry’s mouth.

“Why do you have your hand in my face?”

“Suck on my finger!”


“Just suck on it!”

Harry rolled his eyes and pulled the offending digit into his mouth. “Get it nice and wet.” Draco coaxed. Harry was tempted to bite it off.

Once it was dripping with saliva, Draco brought it to Harry’s bum. He fingered the puckered hole for a moment to coat it with saliva before he slowly slipped his finger inside. “Stop tensing.” He inched through the tight ring of muscle, and stopped when Harry grunted.

“No, keep going,” Harry said, though his voice sounded pained. Draco pushed and didn’t pause until his pale, aristocratic finger was swallowed to the base.

“It’s in.” He wiggled it as he informed Harry, who grunted again. Curious now, Draco pulled his finger almost all the way out, and waited a few moments before he pushed it back into the wet heat. He swirled it around.

Suddenly Harry bucked wildly, his mouth open in a silent scream. “Oh, God, Malfoy do that again!” He bit out, humping his pillow in earnest. Draco tried rotating his finger again and got the same reaction from Harry. He grinned, pleased that his small action could provoke such a response. He got an idea.

“I’m going to add a second one,” he said, as he pulled his finger out almost all the way again. Draco lined his dry middle finger up next to his index and then began to push them in very slowly. His natural lube was rubbing off. Harry was curling his toes and whimpering.

“Ouch,” Harry voiced, but soon enough both fingers were in, and Draco let Harry get used to the feeling. It really was painful for Harry. After a few minutes, Harry said, “alright, I think I’m ready.” Draco spread his fingers out a bit, and ignored Harry as he tensed up. He twisted and scissored them, wanting to find that spot again; he felt a little ridged bump and pressed it. Harry moaned and relaxed completely, and Draco knew he’d done well.

“Malfoy,” Harry breathed, “go for it, just do it now. Fuck me.” Draco pulled his lower lip between his teeth and began worrying it.

“Maybe you should moisten my dick first, you know? Otherwise it’ll hurt like –” He started, but was drawn from his comparison of how badly it would hurt by the pop of a tube of lubrication appearing on the bed next to him. “Well, what do you know,” Draco withdrew his fingers and picked up the stuff. “Oh, joy! It’s ‘lubrication’, Potter!” He squirted a fair bit of the viscous liquid out and then smoothed it over himself nicely. Draco put the tube down and crawled over to Harry, who was now kneeling and thrusting his bum into the air, his pillow long forgotten.

Draco grasped onto Harry’s hip with one of his hands, settled his thighs in between Harry’s calves, and leaned over him. He lined himself up to the dusky pink hole and, with a deep breath, pushed the head inside, flinching at his first taste of the incredible grip. Draco couldn’t help but let out a low moan at the intensity of it. It felt wonderful, and he was having a really hard time believing it.

Harry ground his teeth together. It hurt, Merlin, did it hurt. And burn. And feel anything but good at the moment. He shuddered and felt tears prickle his eyes when Draco started rocking, inching more of himself in on every forward thrust. “Aah, ah wait…Malfoy…just wait.” He panted out through his gritted teeth and willed himself to relax. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. The pain wasn’t going away, not by a long shot. He sucked in a breath, wanting to get it over with, and said, “Ok.”

Draco started moving again, and was almost halfway inside when Harry let out a cry, “God! It hurts! Malfoy! Ow! It hurts!”

Draco stilled immediately. He wanted to keep going, he really did, but how could he with an unwilling hole, er, partner? “Do you want to stop?”

“N-no, just,” Harry sighed, “alright. Go.”

Draco did as Harry wished, and Harry didn’t tell him to stop. With Harry shuddering around him as he thrust forward he was soon balls-deep inside, and it was truly mind-blowing on Draco’s part. He had stopped and was, again, letting Harry get used to it as he marveled at the fact that he could feel Harry’s heartbeat. Through his bum. He was in Potter’s bum. After a moment even that train of thought ran cold and he was filled with the desire to move. So he ventured, “Potter?”

“Nnugh. Just – just give me a bit more time.” Draco waited, and then he started placing little kisses down Harry’s spine to help relax him. He noticed that a cold sweat had broken out on Harry’s back. It took awhile before Harry was nodding and saying it was ok to continue.

Draco groaned as he pulled back out of the hot, tight channel and immediately missed its warmth. Harry’s pain was slowly melting away; he even let out a moan when Draco thrust inside of him again. Draco waited for a short amount of time before repeating the motion, angling himself downward, and this time Harry saw stars. He let out a loud gasp that was very close to a scream.

“More, oh, more, moremoremoremore!” Harry was pushing his hips back into Draco’s, needing it now. The burn of it all was still lingering, but the pleasure was too good of a feeling, and Harry forced himself to ignore the stinging. And that was all it took for Draco to start driving himself in and out of Harry at that same downward stroke, soon building a rhythm that made Harry wail at every other turn. He didn’t hit that spot every time, but Harry wasn’t feeling anything but fabulous, so it didn’t matter.

Draco was falling forward onto Harry, his stomach pressed into the small of Harry’s back as his hips thrust erratically, and he was placing sloppy, open-mouthed kisses all over Harry’s back, wherever he could reach. His hands were clenched painfully on Harry’s hips, holding on for dear life.

It wasn’t long before he felt his balls tense up, throbbing with a slow burn. He was dimly aware that Harry had started to wank off, and then it all didn’t matter as he exploded inside Harry. He continued to pump his hips, and he idly felt Harry tighten up as Harry found his release as well, but he wasn’t paying attention, and then it was all over.

Draco pulled out slowly before rolling off of Harry and onto his back. He lounged there for a few moments, staring unseeingly at the canopy, before turning his head to gaze at Harry, who was looking at him. Those green eyes were as piercing as ever, especially in contrast to the rosy flush that occupied Harry’s sweat-dampened face.

“That was good, wasn’t it?” Harry asked breathlessly, and Draco nodded.

I want to have a go next time.”

“You want to bottom?” Harry snorted. “Are you sure I wouldn’t be violating you?”

Draco’s eyes widened as he remembered and looked at Harry skeptically.

“Oh, come on, are you serious, Malfoy?”

He sniffed pompously, used the little energy he had left to sit up, and stuck his nose in the air. “Maybe.”

Harry sat up too, and his mouth fell open. “What do you mean, ‘maybe’?! You were going to earlier! And you just now said you would!”


Harry tackled Draco with a growl, and before Draco knew what hit him, they’d connected with the hard floor and were kissing again.

Apparently, the room hadn’t given a rat’s arse if they hurt themselves this time.


Or you can also read it at The Hex Files (coming soon), HP Fandom, and Skyehawke.

I wish everyone a very happy Christmas Eve!!

Much love and Christmas cheer from me to all of you guys and dolls.
Tags: contains: hints of bottom!draco, fic length: one shot, fic length: short, genre: humour, genre: pwp, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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