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January Monthly Recs: FIC - A Coalition of Family, by Megyal

Title: A Coalition of Family
Link: fic is here
Author: megyal
Length/Word Count: 4100 words
Rating: R
Summary: "It's magic soup," Draco told him, and his heart melted at Harry's little huff of laughter. "Our family made this," he explained...
Notes: mpreg
Why everyone should read this: This is a fic foremost about the power of family, of choice and of blood. When I read it for the first time, it touched me deeply - there is something heart-breaking about Draco caring for Harry, and about the women in their lives coming together to care for Harry and Draco both. The top!Draco aspects in this fic are not so much sexual (even though he tops in bed, too) but in the characterisation. To me, this fic shows wonderfully and very subtly how strong Harry is even when he is more submissive in this relationship. And how caringly possessive Draco is of him, without being overpowering and manipulating Harry.

Quote: [You've always had the greenest eyes ...]"Hullo," Potter had said, voice quiet.

"You've always had the greenest eyes I have ever seen," Draco had replied and they both stared at each other for long, breathless beats. Draco immediately wanted to leave; his father had always warned him that his mouth had the most unfortunate habit of scattering off pell-mell before his brain knew what was going on, but an odd expression passed over Potter's face. It was a... a sweet look, and Draco had felt an odd curling sensation low in his stomach.

"Do I?" Potter said and let his gaze drop to the silken creamy-yellow tablecloth. His lashes were thick, and long. "People say that all the time, though. They're not any greener than anyone else's."

Draco had been so stunned at having a normal conversation with Harry Potter, of all people. "Don't fish for compliments, Potter," he finally said thickly, and looked around for the menu, catching the eye of the waitress as she hurried over. "They're green. I've never seen greener. When you're were a wee lost urchin that stumbled into Malkin's, it was the first thing that struck me about you."

Tags: author: megyal, fic length: medium, genre: mpreg, month: january, monthly recs, rating: r, type: fic

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