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DTH FEST 2013: Prompt List 1 - Prompts #1-59

dracotops_harry Fest:
Prompt List 1 - #1-59

[Prompts #1-59]
Prompt # 1:
Prompter: corona_0304
Prompt: A few years after leaving Hogwarts, Harry became a teacher in a nursery school, which was set up shortly after war. It specially aimed at providing child-care help for those who involved in the 2nd Wizarding War. One day, when he came across the new comer, a little blond boy, he was beyond shocked to find his last name was Malfoy.
Special Request(s): No Astoria, cunning Slytherin Draco, Humor
Squicks: effeminate boys, characters death, gore, violence, mpreg for this Prompt
Maximum Rating: NC-17, smut is not a must but would be a lovely bonus :)
Anything else: Run wild. ;)

Prompter: corona_0304
Prompt: AU. Actor!Draco, Talent Manager!Harry. In order to manage Draco's schedule more effectively, Harry moves in with him. They live together. They fight. They play dirty. They fall in love.
Special Request(s): BANTER?
Squicks: Characters Death, Mpreg for this Prompt, Gore, Violence
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: I prefer non-magic for this Prompt but if you can fit it in magic world that would be lovely.

Prompt # 3:
Prompter: awickedmemory
Prompt: 8th year fic/art/comic - Harry and Draco have made their peace, and over the year, forge a discreet friendship that becomes an even more discreet relationship. Something attacks Harry (Death Eaters? rogue werewolves? a new group of villains?), and this time, it's Draco who saves him.
Special Request(s): Animagus!Draco would be win - a capstone project for Transfigurations, maybe, that becomes instrumental in saving Harry? Supportive!Hermione would be nice.
Squicks: major OOCness, major character death, infidelity, threesomes, moresomes, slutty!Harry, slutty!Draco, noncon, girly men, scat, golden showers
Maximum Rating: Any
Anything else: Post-DH, but if you want to fudge with the canon deaths and resurrect a beloved character, feel free :D

Prompt # 4:
Prompter: corona_0304
Prompt: AU after GoF. After Harry took Gillyweed he noticed that his body was acting weird. Due to some reason (you decide :P) he found that when he was underwater he felt more at ease. And he started to avoid physical contact with others, except Malfoy.
Squicks: for this prompt, non-con, violence, major character death, character bashing, not happy ending, mpreg
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Sex is not a must but if there's any, make them over 18 ;D). And Harry remains human-shape, but when he is under water he can change his body to an extent.

Prompt # 5:
Prompter: corona_0304
Prompt: Auror Harry was assigned to hunt down a vampire involved in a series of missing person cases. He was shocked to find out the mystery vampire was Draco Malfoy. Somehow he believed Malfoy was not the one behind the cases, so instead of turning him in, he kept Malfoy and tried to pry more things out of him. It pained him so much to see a pliant Malfoy, a Malfoy like this could be strange, and dangerous. When asked questions, Malfoy always did not answer him directly but throw questions instead. Questions in a demanding tone, and questions became commands. Harry was surprised by the way he reacted, he did not want to fight back the commands. There was a desire to obey deep inside of him.
Special Request(s): mystery
Squicks: non-con, violence
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompter: corona_0304
Prompt: Draco/Harry, Blaise(not in a threesome way). Creature!fic, 8th year. Draco was one of the few Slytherin who came back to Hogwarts. So did Blaise. Somehow, Blaise and Harry became good friends. Later on Draco and Harry came into their creature inheritance(the same species) and each proclaimed that Blaise was his mate. They fought over Blaise and played dirty. As the time the two spent together (most of which they used for fighting, shouting and glaring) increased, they started to feel an irresistable pull between them. To everyone's shock, they were true mates to each other. It turned out that they use scent to identify their mates and due to Blaise's time with both parties and their reluctances to admit their feelings deep inside, they misread the information.
Special Request(s): Dominant/submissive partners. Before their mating they didn't know their "role", so they would fight for dominance to determine. I would love some hot top!Draco/bottom!Harry sex but please make Harry as strong and manly as Draco. :D He won't "submit" without a fight.
Squicks: non-con, major character death
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompter: awickedmemory
Prompt: 8th year - Muggle Studies has been made mandatory for graduation. Harry and Draco are assigned to work on a final project together, and go off to spend the Christmas holiday in Edinburgh (or some other major Muggle city). Draco discovers the Muggle world is not as primitive and useless as he previously thought. Harry discovers the crush he once had on Draco long ago is back - and for the new, reformed Draco, back with reinforcements.
Special Request(s): The wonders of a "Muggle wand" (smartphone), motorbikes, and a cinema
Squicks: major OOCness, major character death, infidelity, threesomes, moresomes, slutty!Harry, slutty!Draco, noncon, girly men, scat, golden showers
Maximum Rating: Any
Anything else: Post-DH, but if you want to fudge with the canon deaths and resurrect a beloved character, feel free

Prompter: corona_0304
Prompt: Draco was a Serial Killer, he paid for sex and then killed the rentboy. Harry was his target, but he just kept coming back to Harry.
Special Request(s): If you can fit in some kinky sex you will make my day. <3
Squicks: Major character death (don't make Draco really kill Harry in the end, please?)effeminate!Draco
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 9:
Prompter: corona_0304
Prompt: Time travel. Their son is informed of his parents' possible divorce on his 18th b-day. Best timing, right? He does know the fights between them but he never expects they will end up with separation. Somehow he manages to time travel back, trying his best to save his parents' marriage.
Special Request(s): Mpreg!Daddy!Harry
Squicks: Character Death, Character Bashing, BDSM for this Prompt
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: What leads to the fights between Harry and Draco is up to you. And the time travel part can be similar to Ken's in the Japanese drama called Operation Love. Their son time-travels back several times to when Harry and Draco have a fight, which is related to their possible divorce. And maybe when he goes back his appearance will change to match the time? So Harry and Draco would not recognize him coming from the future?

Prompt # 10:
Prompter: corona_0304
Prompt: "Daddy, where did I come from?"
Special Request(s): Draco is the one to give explanations. And I hope there will be one scene, the little girl gets a photo, in which a pregnant Harry is smiling but also looks tired. Then she asks her aunt Hermione that why Harry has a swollen stomach and is given the answer like "It's all Draco's fault" or something. So she is kind of mad at Draco and blames him? LOL
Squicks: Character Death, Character Bashing, BDSM for this Prompt, Mpreg!Draco
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 11: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: vaysh
Prompt: Alpha-Omega-verse: Draco was offered to Fenrir by Voldemort and barely got away with his life. He suffered wolf bites, and while he does not transform into a werewolf during the full moon, he has developed ferocious appetites and alpha behaviour during sex. Harry was bitten by werewolf!Teddy when Teddy was little. While Harry does not transform into a werewolf during a full moon, he goes into heat and shows omega behaviour during sex. One night of a full moon, Draco stumbles upon Harry who is in heat.
Special Request(s): Unredeemed!Draco. I love to see Harry really struggling with his animalistic urges and the knowledge that he longs to submit to a Death Eater who hated him all his life.
Squicks: girlish Harry, submissive Harry outside of the sex, rape (dub-con is fine)
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt #: 12
Prompter: mothlights
Prompt: Draco and Harry as Unspeakable partners, the 'men in black' of the wizarding world.
Special Request(s): Prefer slash rather than pre-slash
Squicks: infidelity, mpreg, H or D claiming they're not gay, tragic ending, scat, rape (but I can handle dub-con of the spell-etc.-made-them-do-it variety)
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: You can take this wherever it leads you -- from cracky fun to angsty ust to eerie metaphysics, or anywhere in between. It doesn't need to involve aliens; I just like the idea of Draco and Harry in a covert department that deals with things that are unusual even by wizarding standards. Draco can be Harry's boss instead of partner if you'd prefer.

Prompt # 13:
Prompter: 0idontknow0
Prompt: Draco's avoided a sentence to Azkaban thanks to Harry's testimony. Now that's he's free he swallows his pride and goes to give Harry his thanks. He's surprised to find the Saviour broken and guilty. Draco owes Harry a life debt and then decides to repay it by helping him realize his life has purpose beyond defeating Voldemort.
Special Request(s): No Harry/Ginny
Squicks: gore, scat, dub/non-con (anything along those lines really)
Maximum Rating: Go as high as you want.
Anything else: Have fun with it?

Prompt # 14:
Prompter: hdwriter
Prompt: I'd love to see protective Draco -- especially if he's joining with Ron to protect Harry from remembered childhood slights, current challenges, or misunderstandings from others.
Special Request(s): I like Canon Draco but matured -- he's seen what's really going on, and his thoughts on Harry's strength have brought about this overwhelming protectiveness.
Squicks: non-con, emotional infidelity (physical only doesn't bother me so much), BDSM, watersports, etc.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: The time period doesn't really matter, but I'd love a thoughtful Harry (ie, not feminine or weak, even though he's needing protection)

Prompt # 15: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: awickedmemory
Prompt: Harry is done with school. He's done with playing hero. He is done, done, DONE with war. Sure, he'll probably always have his "saving people thing," but he has no desire to survive Voldemort just to go spend the rest of his life on a battlefield at the Ministry's beck and call. So what does he want to do instead? Well... everything he missed out on for the last eighteen years of his life. Eat good food. Visit new places. Learn to dance. Buy some clothes that fit, for once. Relax without a bully of a cousin, neglectful guardians, intrusive prophecies, crazy dark lords or meddling headmasters telling him how to act and who to be and what to do.
Of course, he really has no idea how to do this. Hermione is off to study more and Ron is off to start his Auror career and Harry... well, Harry doesn't really have a plan. A plan that extends beyond trying every kind of coffee there is, anyway.
Enter Draco Malfoy. He's an arrogant prat, sure, but he's sort of alright since the end of the war. Better yet, he's a monied only son whose family owns property all over Europe and some in Asia, he's dabbled in more languages than Harry knew existed and is fluent in at least three, and he's got nothing better to do after the war than get his fine self out of England. Somehow, Harry manages to convince Draco to become his personal global tourguide for a year. Somehow, Draco manages to convince his parents not to kill Harry for stealing him away for a year. Somehow, they seem to run into more mishaps than food and tourism warrant. And somehow, they fall in love along the way.
Special Request(s): Polyglot!Draco, interesting foods, an unexpected allergy for Harry
Squicks: major OOCness, major character death, infidelity, threesomes, moresomes, slutty!Harry, slutty!Draco, noncon, girly men, scat, golden showers
Maximum Rating: Any
Anything else: Post-DH, but if you want to fudge with the canon deaths and resurrect a beloved character, feel free.

Prompt # 16:
Prompter: dragontara
Prompt: ”I wanna love you, but I better not touch
I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop
I wanna kiss you, but I want it too much
I wanna taste you, but your lips are venomous poison
You're poison runnin' through my veins
You're poison, I don't wanna break these chains.
I hear you callin' and it's needles and pins
I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name
I wanna touch you, but you're under my skin
I wanna kiss you, but your lips are venomous poison.” - Poison, Alice Cooper
Special Request(s): I'd love a creature!fic, wouldn't mind alpha/omega verse either, but I'm fine where ever the author is willing to go with it
Squicks: major character death, unhappy ending
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 17:
Prompter: evening12
Prompt: The ups and downs of managing a blended family.
Special Request(s): kids being kids ( I'd love to see all the canon Potter kids and Scorpius), family dynamics
Squicks: No Astoria or Ginny bashing, non-happy ending, infidelity
Maximum Rating: where ever your muse will take you
Anything else: Enjoy yourself

Prompt # 18: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: lomonaaeren
Prompt: Harry receives a love letter from Draco Malfoy. Convinced that Malfoy is just fucking with him, he writes back in a way that he thinks Malfoy will take as joking, but which Malfoy unexpectedly accepts as totally serious. And pretty soon, Harry finds himself in a tightening spiral of pursuit where he feels half the time that he's leading Malfoy on, and half the time that this is all a huge, elaborate joke with him as the butt.
Special Request(s): I love courtship stories, so if you want to make this one, I would definitely approve!
Squicks: Mpreg, chan (under 15), scat.
Maximum Rating: Go as high as you like.
Anything else: Up to you whether Draco knows that Harry was joking from the beginning, but I'd prefer the end not be totally unhappy.

Prompt # 19: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: evening12
Prompt: Harry is very protective of his only child (make it James since he's the oldest but Albus is okay too) who loves to cross-dress and loves his manly parts. This devotion causes Harry to avoid relationships to protect his son's safe family life. Maybe Harry's been burned before and it affected his son. But that all chances when Harry meets Draco.
Special Request(s): highlight/respect the complicated and real experiences of gender nonconforming children (aka gender creative children),
Squicks: character bashing, everyone being gay/lesbian/bi,
Maximum Rating: NC-17 (smut or no smut makes no difference to me)
Anything else: Feel free to stay as close to canon as you want or stray into the far depth of non-magic AU.

Prompt # 20:
Prompter: lomonaaeren
Prompt: Mistaken identity; Draco comes to Harry for help (voluntarily or not), but doesn't know it's Harry who's helping him.
Special Request(s): That Harry not have a very obvious fake name like Potter spelled backwards or something; that the revelation as well as the secret be an important part of the story.
Squicks: Mpreg, chan (under 15), scat.
Maximum Rating: As high as you want.
Anything else: Write it from either POV, or both; I think either could make an interesting story.

Prompt # 21: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: lomonaaeren
Prompt: Draco is a creature of some kind. Harry finds out he's Draco's mate before Draco does. Harry Promptly takes a potion that suppresses the cues his magic/scent would otherwise send out and makes it impossible for Draco to find him.
Special Request(s): No permanent damage to Draco if he doesn't find his mate; I don't want Harry to come off as sadistic. Mental or emotional pain would be fine, though.
Squicks: Mpreg, chan (under 15), scat, and, (for this Prompt) a/b/o dynamics with Harry having no choice about having sex.
Maximum Rating: As high as you want
Anything else: I've read a lot of fics where Draco takes potions to suppress his creature nature; I think this would be an interesting twist.

Prompt # 22: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: helenadax
Prompt: Harry and Draco have been together for a while but Harry hasn't told Draco about the Dursley. One day, they're in muggle London and bump into Vernon and Petunia. Since the boys were hugging/holding hands/kissing it's obvious they're a couple and Vernon and Petunia make a nasty comment before going their way. I'd like to know what happens next.
Squicks: BDSM, mpreg, weak Harry, heavy kinks in general, not happy ending.
Maximum Rating: up to NC-17

Prompt # 23:
Prompter: sksdwrld
Prompt: A/U circus fic! Draco is a delicate boned, beautiful aerialist/ contortionist who falls hard for the new to the group magician, Harry
Special Request(s): snark, banter
Squicks: scat, chan, love at first sight
Maximum Rating: any
Anything else: I'm not opposed to d/s or dark themes

Prompt # 24:
Prompter: sksdwrld
Prompt: after the war, Draco disappears. He resurfaces years later as a talented street performing illusionists in the Muggle world. Harry sees him and calls him on it or challenges him to a showdown in front of a crowd.
Special Request(s): snark, banter
Squicks: scat
Maximum Rating: any

Prompt # 25:
Prompter: capitu
Prompt: Draco's being attacked and left for dead when Harry finds him. He takes Draco home with him and helps him get better.
Special Request(s): Bonus points if Harry is a Healer (or a Healer in training) and Draco is addicted to [insert addictive substance whether it be Potions, drugs, alcohol, etc.]
Squicks: …so little squicks me these days. Um, character death, unnecessary character bashing, threesomes (not my thing, really—I know; something must be wrong with me, but there you have it. ^^)
Maximum Rating: NC 17

Prompt # 26:
Prompter: capitu
Prompt: Harry is always watching Draco where they work (Aurors? Ministry job but different departments and Harry is always around where he shouldn't just to keep an eye on Draco?), with this intense look on his face, he starts following Draco (never mind Apparition, Draco knows he's being followed) and one of these nights Draco gets tired of it and pushes Harry into his flat and teaches him a lesson.
Special Request(s): dub con (at least at the beginning)
Squicks: …so little squicks me these days. Um, character death, unnecessary character bashing, threesomes (not my thing, really—I know, something must be wrong with me, but there you have it. ^^)
Maximum Rating: NC 17
Anything else: I know this has the potential to be kind of creepy, but if you see the humour on it (I see it too!) go with it. :)

Prompt # 27: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: misterfist
Prompt: Someone plays a practical joke on the entire Hogwarts school and vanishes all clothes. Everyone has to work together to find out what happened and how to solve the problem since every new article of clothing literally runs away. Cue, nakedness, awkwardness, blushing people, weird ways of trying to hide private parts, investigations and looots of unresolved sexual tension.
Special Request(s): Humour (not to the point were it's crack, though), Romance, Rimming, Harry in Auror!mode, Draco being able to look into the „criminal's“ mind, trying to be professional while naked/weirdly clothed (e.g. rolled up in a scroll of parchment), Slytherin vs. Gryffindor banter (I'd like it if Dracos and Harry friends were part of the story)
Squicks: OOCness, unequal relationship, division into dominant/submissive, character death, mpreg, infidelity, sad ending, non-con, character bashing, (gender) stereotypes (I'm not into effeminate boys but for what it's worth one of the guys could totally try to solve his naked problem with his mad knitting skills),
Maximum Rating: NC-17 (As much as I like UST I would love it to be resolved in the end ^.-)
Anything else: Angst wouldn't fit the Prompt but I think that completely ignoring their sad past would make their characters a bit unrealistic. I love smitten!Harry but I like a slow build up and their attraction to each other shouldn't be based purely on their appearance. I like it when they find each other attractive but only slowly fall in love.

Prompt # 28:
Prompter: bbethable
Prompt: Fred's death really messed up one of the Weasley siblings (anyone but George preferred) and he or she is after the Elder Wand to avenge their brother. Somehow Harry and Draco get stuck in an adventure to save themselves - after all they were both owners of the wand recently. Romance blooms, eventually.
Special Request(s): I prefer long fics, Non Epilogue Compliant and minimal Harry/Ginny relationship if needed.
Squicks: No H/D Death, unhappy ending... basically anything else goes
Maximum Rating: As high as you can go.
Anything else: Prefer no Ron/Hermione (even if Ron is not the mental Weasley).

Prompt # 29:
Prompter: darkyaoiangel
Prompt: Harry is hit with a spell (or potion...blah, blah, blah) that causes him to lose his memory. The only people who know about his condition are Dumbledore, Pomfrey, his friends, Snape, and Draco (maybe Draco was with him when he got hit?). Due to the enormous amount of coddling from his friends he starts to spend his time in the Potions Lab with Snape and Draco and finds he prefers their snarky ways to his friends cloistering affection. With this new Potter who is a little more Slytherin in his ways Snape and Draco grow to like him. Draco and Harry grow to be more than friends to the heavy disapproval of his friends.
Special Request(s): Favorite kink is rimming so yes please! I also have a fondness for Tall!Draco/Short!Harry. Some bashing of Ron, Hermoine, and Ginny would be nice due to type of Prompt.
Squicks: I know it's not allowed but I'll mention it anyway - any form of bottom!Draco. Threesome+, infidelity, genderswap, mpreg, beastiality, incest, other heavy squick.
Maximum Rating: Oh please Oh please NC-17.
Anything else: Happy ending and Harry retaining some of his new personality when he regains his memory. I'd also like if Pansy and Blaise find out and are all Good!Slytherin to Harry. Also I wouldn't want Gryff bashing to continue after Harry gets his memory back but I don't really want Draco to be friends with any of them. Not at this point. Frenemies is mine.

Prompt # 30:
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: Harry learns that Draco Malfoy has commissioned a life-like copy of Harry (Looks, and speaks like Harry). Harry believes that Draco plans on using the "Copy" for many sexual and other naughty situations. Harry, himself having been secretly in-lust with Draco, switches with the "Copy." However, Harry is in for a surprise because despite his own carnal expectations, Draco has "Copy/Harry" do the silliest things such as having tea, chatting, flying on the same broom, etc. When Harry (still pretending to be the "Copy") questions Draco why he isn't using Harry for erotic purposes, Draco tells him he would only do that with the "Real" Harry.
Special Request(s): Happy ending: ends with Harry and Draco as a couple.
Squicks: Draco penetrated in any form (past, present or future), Harry being intimate with other males other than Draco(past, present, or future)
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: The "copy" Harry should not be sentient.

Prompt # 31: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: darkyaoiangel
Prompt: Re-sorting. Slytherin!Harry. In exchange for protection and teaching Harry the ways of the Slytherins all Draco is asking for is sexual favors. A tentative bond forms and leads to more.
Special Request(s): if you could include a scene where Draco and Harry go shopping for new clothes I am forever yours. I want to see Harry's Slytherin side. Snarky and sexy Draco. Protective Draco. Tall!Draco/Short!Harry.
Squicks: Bottom!Draco, non-con (of the rape variety), threesomes+, infidelity (when they're in a relationship. If you wanna make Draco King Slut at first that's fine), heavy squick.
Maximum Rating: NC-17 please!
Anything else: Happy ending! And I'd like if by the end the other Slytherins accept Harry as one of their own.

Prompt # 32: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: Ginny feels she and her boyfriend/fiance'/husband Harry have a boring intimate life, so she tries to convince him to spice up their sex life. Unfortunately, every suggestion she has made including a threesome with another woman was steadfastly declined by Harry. At the end of her ropes, she suggests bringing in another male lover, but Harry turned this down as well; that is, until Ginny mentions it could be Draco Malfoy; to which Harry readily agrees and seems even excited about the prospect.
Ginny is aware that Draco is known for being extraordinarily satisfying to his lovers. She thinks that Draco would be giving Harry pointers in the meeting by performing various acts on Ginny. What Ginny did not expect was to be almost completely ignored (Aside from a kiss), and Harry begging Malfoy to "Take" him (Harry had never been vocal in their own love-making).
Special Request(s): Not necessary, but it would be good if Draco is the devious mastermind behind setting up everything such as putting the idea into Ginny's head, seducing Harry beforehand, etc. Possibly begins with Ginny P.O.V, then switches to Harry's and ends with Draco's P.O.V. Ends with Harry and Draco as a couple.
Squicks: Draco penetrated in any form (past, present or future), Harry being intimate with other males other than Draco(past, present, or future), H/D death, unhappy ending.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Though Ginny is in the sex-scene, Harry and Draco do not actually have sex with her.

Prompt # 33:
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: In the Wizarding World, if a witch is not satisfied by her husband she is within her rights to seek pleasure from another wizard. Harry and Company are puzzled as more and more of their wives including Ginny Potter (preferably, Hermione Granger-Weasley is part of the list) are seeking pleasure from one Draco Malfoy. Harry has been voted by the wizards to find out why their wives are all going to Malfoy; they insist Harry has to "take one for the team."
Special Request(s): Harry's P.O.V. Humour. A Short epilogue where Harry and Draco are now together in an exclusive relationship.
Squicks: Draco penetrated in any form (past, present or future), Harry being intimate with other males other than Draco(past, present, or future), H/D death, unhappy ending. Three/more-somes.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Up to claimer whether Draco is actually having sex with these women, so long as he is not tricking them in any way.

Prompt # 34:
Prompter: shameful_desire
Prompt: Draco Malfoy has a stalker and he’s not the least bit surprised (after all he’s sex on legs). As his stalker takes things to a new level he starts feeling very uneasy. When Draco truly panics, Harry Potter comes to the rescue.
Special Request(s): UST, spanking, rimming, Hogwarts era or fresh out of Hogwarts if possible. I want something fairly light but with a serious undertone. Happy/hopeful ending is a must please.
Squicks: Watersports, scat, vomit, overly feminized men, threesomes, receding hair lines
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: I like my Harry powerful and confident (he can be sexually innocent). Draco as the typical sneaky Slytherin would be great. I love him snarky and overly confident but insecure when it comes to Harry. A few random things you may like to include and that I would love to see are tattoos, scars and ties being used as bonds.

Prompt # 35:
Prompter: sekainosa28
Prompt: Before Draco came into his inheritance as Veela, Lucius put the spell on Draco to protect him. When the school started, Draco was sent to Dumstrang to be a student exchange for 1 month. After Harry got inheritance as Veela, he felt weak everyday because he couldn't feel his mate's presence and he didn't tell his friends about his inheritance. 1 month passed and Draco came back. He was about to go class when he saw Harry with his friends, he insulted them. Suddenly Harry collapsed into coma and his friends brought at hospital wing. Few month later, Draco sneaked up secretly in hospital wing and visited Harry due his curiosity. When he touched Harry's hand, he woke up but he blind.
Special Request(s): Mpreg, Supportive Draco's parent, protective!Draco, Tall!Draco, Having sex in Veela's form, Dom/Sub
Squicks: neko!Harry, character death, sad ending, No bashing character,gore
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Voldemort died before their inheritance come and you can change my creature. Draco's spell can be broken by their love and Harry can see again. Even though no bashing, maybe you can make people around them in denial before accepting their relationship.

Prompt # 36: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: drarryxlover
Prompt: Harry and Draco had a one night stand. The consequences bring them together against their will.
Special Request(s): Accidental bond and/or mpreg
Squicks: Non-con/rape, blood and gore, scat
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Post-war, not knowing who the other is when they slept together.

Prompt # 37:
Prompter: drarryxlover
Prompt: Harry calls in his life debt from Draco, making the blond take his virginity
Special Request(s): Mpreg
Squicks: Non-con/rape, blood and gore, scat
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Immediately post-war, dub-con in this instance is probably necessary.

Prompt # 38:
Prompter: drarryxlover
Prompt: Harry loses his memory in the battle and wakes up to a nurse, Draco, he finds himself constantly drawn too. Then there's his so-called girlfriend Ginny and he wants to stay faithful to her but can't stop himself from falling in love with Draco.
Special Request(s):
Squicks: Non-con/rape, scat, blood and gore
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 39:
Prompter: drarryxlover
Prompt: One of them is blind and admits that he has never seen another naked man. The other offers up his body, unaware that the blind man uses his hands to "see".
Special Request(s): Not blind from childhood because of a curse to degenerativeness.
Squicks: Non-con/rape, scat, blood and gore.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Harry as the blind one, because Draco would think that he'd use a spell to "see" and "seeing" with your hands is a muggle thing.

Prompt # 40: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: drarryxlover
Prompt: Harry and Ginny get back together Post-Hogwarts (or Eighth Year), she thinks everything is fine until she sees Harry being kissed by Draco.
Special Request(s): Post-war, if Draco can be friends with Ginny that would be brilliant.
Squicks: Non-con/rape, scat, blood and gore, for this one Ginny bashing
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Ginny POV?

Prompt # 41:
Prompter: cottonrobin
Prompt: After the war, Harry lays low for several years, leading the normal life he has always wanted. However, he begins to receive mysterious death threats and the ministry insists on assigning aurors to protect Harry. One of them is Draco. Harry has to once again get used to being in the spotlight.
Special Request(s): Start off as friends or one-sided love? Bickering!
Squicks: any mention of bottom!Draco. Major character deaths.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 42: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: cottonrobin
Prompt: Harry is framed for a murder that he did not commit. No one will believe him except Draco, who reluctantly helps him investigate the case.
Special Request(s): angst but happy ending!
Squicks: any mention of bottom!Draco. Major character deaths.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 43:
Prompter: wendypops
Prompt: Draco owns a tea shop, selling hundreds of different types of loose teas; black, green, white, herbal, rooibos, ET CETERA. One day Harry Potter comes in for a cup. Then he comes in the day after, and the day after. Harry seems intent upon trying every tea in Draco's shop, and Draco wants to know why.
Special Request(s): Exciting tea blends! Maybe Draco uses 'magic' ingredients? Lots of dialogue.
Squicks: Excessive jealousy, Mean!Harry, mpreg/kids, the epilogue, PWP.
Maximum Rating: R
Anything else: TEA.

Prompt # 44: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: seerstella
Prompt: I'd like a songfic. Every song will do.
Special Request(s): Maybe some fluff and angst.
Squicks: Major character death, watersports, scat
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Go wild, guys :D

Prompt # 45:
Prompter: seerstella
Prompt: Al and Scorpius are best friends. But Al got kidnapped, so Scorpius came to Potions Master Draco and Auror Harry for help. The two still hate each other but they have to do save Al (Draco's reason is for 'Scorpius' sake'). But finally they get closer than they expect.
Special Request(s): It's up to the writer if they want to make Al is really kidnapped by people who hates Harry or Draco, or just a 'prank' made by the kids to make Harry and Draco closer and resolve their UST. Humor, please.
Squicks: Al/Scorpius (more than best friends), any hints of bottom!Draco
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Nothing. Thanks before and go wild! :D

Prompt # 46:
Prompter: emansil_12
Prompt: Year after year, on the anniversary of Draco loosing position of his wand. Potter shows up at the gates of the Manor requesting permission to see him. Draaco refuses him entry each time, until the day he doesn't.
Special Request(s):
Squicks: I've few squicks. the only one is character bashing of any, unless it's within the range of their canon characteristics, or is vital to the story.
Maximum Rating: NC-17, but it's not necessary.

Prompt # 47: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: wendypops
Prompt: Harry and Draco's friends have been out of their lives for a while (perhaps Hermione and Ron are off freeing the house-elves of Australia, while Pansy and Blaise have been living the high life in mainland Europe--whatever.), during this time Harry and Draco have become friends (maybe they work together). They have slowly developed ~feelings~ for each other. Just as though their friendship might become something more, their friends return, and they don't approve.
Special Request(s): Angst. No over-the-top bashing, but throw away insults and friendship jealousy is good. The friends teaming up to share their horror at Harry and Draco's friendship, and potentially plot to sabotage it, completely missing the fact that they are all becoming friends too. Happy ending!
Squicks: Excessive jealousy, Mean!Harry, mpreg/kids, the epilogue, PWP.
Maximum Rating: R

Prompt # 48:
Prompter: Anonymous
Prompt: Draco runs a mail order sex toy company. His sales of butt plugs has suddenly and dramatically increased, thanks to his newest (and now best) customer: Harry Potter. Harry doesn't know Draco owns the company. With so many owls and butt plugs passing back and forth between them, they strike up an acquaintance. Then Draco offers Harry something more personal to plug his butt with...
Special Request(s): Humour, light hearted.
Squicks: None, got nuts.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 49:
Prompter: capitu
Prompt: Harry and Draco are expecting, but when they start telling people everybody assumes Draco is the one carrying it. Harry and Draco discuss and Harry sort of makes fun of it, because all the clichés, you know, Draco being blond/pretty/skinny/delicate, when really he has this huge (XD) cock and Harry can't get enough of him, it, whatever. ^^
Special Request(s): I reckon this should be funny, and the discussion should be friendly, open and flirty ending in some delicious smut.
Squicks: Character death, threesomes, unnecessary character bashing
Maximum Rating: NC 17
Anything else: Established relationship, with Ron (and Hermione) not being a jerk about Harry and Draco, would be just grand.

Prompt # 50:
Prompter: evening12
Prompt: To Draco's surprise Harry uses traditional courtship rituals to make his intent of marriage known.
Special Request(s): pureblood/wizarding courtship that is simply different not necessary more powerful/special/unbreakable/etc,established relationship
Squicks: non-con, dub-con, character bashing
Maximum Rating: go as high as you want
Anything else: Have some fun!

Prompt # 51:
Prompter: 0idontknow0
Prompt: Harry has just found out he's pregnant, after he and Draco have been trying for a while, but Draco's no where to be found when he goes home to tell him. Draco's been attacked and turned into a vampire due to the resemblance he bears to a vampiress' son from her human days. Draco is terrified of going anywhere near Harry until he has a better handle on his blood lust.
Special Request(s): Unable to bear Draco's resentment and her own guilt his vampire mother tries to help him acclimate to his new life more easily so that he does not have to hide away from his family and friends.
Squicks: non-con, scat, water sports, BDSM
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: I know this is angsty but I'd love for it to have a hopeful, if not happy, ending.

Prompt # 52: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: 0idontknow0
Prompt: Draco and Harry have been attending the same Muggle AA meetings for some time now and have been making good progress. After Dudley Dursley shows up at the AA meetings one day Harry (having only resolved his issues with the war) can't stop thinking about his childhood and the cupboard and the hunger, etc. When Harry shows up at Draco's doorstep drunk and crying and absolutely miserable Draco takes him in and tries to sober him up, not at all expecting the man to start asking him why "they" don't love him.
Special Request(s): I'd love it if you found some way to make Dudley apologise to Harry for being so rotten to him.
Squicks: dub/non-con, scat, water sports, BDSM, drunk sex
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Wouldn't mind if when Harry shows up at Draco's he's got some alcohol with him so that Draco has to actively prevent himself from drinking as well. Maybe Harry spills some on him before he gets rid of it. Who knows.

Prompt # 53:
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: Draco Malfoy comes out, and Harry and the other Gryffindors have taken to taunting him. Draco, being the Slytherin that he is, returns the favour by approaching Harry in a public event and proceeds to whisper the filthiest things he would do to Harry. Draco's words are so vivid and erotic it results with Harry having a highly noticeable release in his pants surrounded by everyone. Though Harry was initially embarrassed by this event, he can't get Draco's words out of his thoughts and dreams, and wonders what the reality would be like. He finally gathers his Gryffindor courage and propositions Draco.
Special Request(s): Agressive, snarky Draco, Sex scene without Draco making any contact with Harry's penis. Horrible Ron, where Draco finds a special way (non-sexual) to deal with him.
Squicks: Draco penetrated in any form (past, present, or future). Harry intimate with males other than Draco (past, present, or future), three/more-somes, unhappy endings.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Slight BDSM.

Prompt # 54:
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: An ode to Potter's Arse.
Special Request(s): Silly Fic. 8th Year. The Great Hall. Sputtering Harry.
Squicks: Draco penetrated in any form (past, present, or future). Harry intimate with males other than Draco (past, present, or future), three/more-somes, unhappy endings,
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Art or Fic Mods' Note: all prompts can be claimed for art or fic, of course

Prompt # 55:
Prompter: fyernaice
Pansy: Salazar, is he trying to kill Draco? Get him off, get him off!
Blaise: Um....I....uh...don't think that's what he's doing Pansy.
Special Request(s): Feral!Harry who is tamed by Draco. 8th Year.
Squicks: Draco penetrated in any form (past, present, or future). Harry intimate with males other than Draco (past, present, or future), three/more-somes, unhappy endings,
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Harry is affected by a spell or potion.

Prompt # 56:
Prompter: drarryxlover
Prompt: In a desperate attempt Draco travel to the future to see how the war ends. He finds himself spending more and more time with an older Harry Potter who is equally as curious by the teen he had thought dead.
Special Request(s): Draco forgoes his old life in hte past to live in the future, until bad things start to happen and he has to go back, and he has to survive.
Squicks: Non-con/rape, scat, blood and gore
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 57: CLAIMED FOR FIC
Prompter: awickedmemory
Prompt: Super/Preternatural AU - Instead of being sent to a wonderful school of magic at 11, Harry is sent to a not-so-wonderful mental institution at (16? 17?) for hallucinations. Once there, he finds himself roomed with a blond boy named Draco Malfoy who has been there for several years - and whose "hallucinations" match Harry's suspiciously well. As several more roommates or neighbours arrive with similar situations, they begin to get the feeling they're not as crazy as people think and there is a reason they're being assigned together - and there's more to the mental institution than meets the eye...
Special Request(s): "Hallucations" and/or "delusions" that are equally real but distinct, e.g., one sees auras, another sees demons, another sees angels, another is an empath, another is a healer.
Squicks: major OOCness, Harry death, Draco death, infidelity, threesomes, moresomes, slutty!Harry, slutty!Draco, noncon, girly men, scat, golden showers
Maximum Rating: Any
Anything else: I'd especially love it if Harry's and Draco's abilities were connected in some way, and both badass. :D They are, after all, the stars of this community! Don't feel required to stick to Ron and Hermione if the story would work out better with other characters. This Prompt is heavily inspired by a wonderful old Gundam Wing fanfic, but I'd love to see a HP spin. ♥

Prompt # 58:
Prompter: tigersilver
Prompt: In which Draco is Trickster God (devise your own mythos, I care not!) and Harry is also a God, something along the lines of Wise Athena, and they clash constantly over the lives of mere mortals, and pull pranks upon one another. Until that one day, when all the lovely tension and UST is delightfully resolved by an Olympian shagging.
Or something like that.
Special Request(s): Skimpy clothing, shape-changing, banter and flirting. A great deal of flirting, please. I like it.
Squicks: Unhappy events that are long-lasting, non-con and pain that makes no sense nor reason.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: I like art, too, you know?

Prompt # 59:
Prompter: sksdwrld
Prompt: Draco was sick and tired of Blaise being such a cocktease, so he coated his favorite treats with a potion that would leave Zabini unfulfilled and unable to achieve sexual release with anyone but Draco. But then Harry somehow intercepts and eats the treats. Draco is infinately amused by his new-found power over Harry and decides to string him along before making him beg for release.
Special Request(s): Harry initially has no idea what is going on, other than he is really horny and for some reason unable to get himself off; wandering the halls in a constant state of arousal which grows worse with increasing proximity to Draco.
Squicks: scat
Maximum Rating: any
Anything else: initial UST and/or orgasm denial to prolong Harry's release as long as possible would be yummy!

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