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The Prompt Lists

Prompt Lists of the dracotops_harry Fest
This is not the Claiming Post!

Thank you so much, everyone who submitted prompts for the third round of the dracotops_harry Fest. You are all awesome!

We have compiled all of your 174 delicious top!Draco/bottom!Harry prompts into three lists for you to peruse and savour until claiming opens. The prompts are in the order that they were submitted. If you see an error or notice a missing prompt, please let us know in comments or send a mail to dracotopsharry@gmail.com.

Thank you so much, faithwood, for compiling all those many prompts into a file.

Prompt claiming will begin
Friday, January 18, 5 pm EST (10pm GMT).
That is tonight!!

Claiming will end on February 28, 2013. Late claiming is possible. Please email the mods.

There will be a template for you to claim your prompt. Claiming by proxy is permitted.
Please make sure to read and be aware of the Fest Rules and Fest Timeline before claiming a prompt.

But now on to the prompts:

[Prompts #1-59] [Prompts #60-119] [Prompts #120-174]

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