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2013 DracoTopsHarry Header Templates

Submissions for the 3rd dracotops_harry Fest are due March 18!
That gives you five weeks plus three days for writing, creating art and recording podfics. ♥

Where to send your submission?
Submissions can be sent to dracotopsharry@gmail.com at any time. Please include the word 'submission', your user name and your prompt number in the subject line of your email.
For example: submission, winnett, prompt #34

Can I include my beta's name?
Feel free to include the full name(s) of your beta(s) in the Author's Notes. Please remember that all submissions must be beta-read.

What should I warn for in "Warnings"?
Include warnings at your own discretion and with care. There is no need to warn for slash and homosexuality. ;) Please do warn for sexual activity that can be read as implying bottom!Draco and/or top!Harry. If in doubt, feel free to ask the mods.

Header Templates:
Please include the following header information with your submission.
Prompt Number: PROMPT # Please link back to the prompt you claimed.
Word Count:
Author's Notes:

Header Template for FIC:

Header Template for ART:

If you would like spoilery warnings to only appear when highlighted, the coding to do that is here:

Claiming for fic or art and sign-up for podficcing end February 28.

Have fun writing, making art and podfics, you all!

Your excited fest mods
corona_0304, winnett and vaysh
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