cottonrobin (cottonrobin) wrote in dracotops_harry,

Monthly Recs – fic: A Hundred Visions and Revisions by oflights

Title: A Hundred Visions and Revisions
Author/Artist: oflights
Length/Word Count: ~11,000
Rating: R
Summary: Harry doesn’t really like remembering. As he’s grown older, he’s found that discovering or creating or even making things up are all much less painful than remembering.
Switching?/Notes: Nothing too graphic. Mutual handjobs, but not in detail. I read this as a top!Draco fic.
Why everyone should read/look at this: This is one of my absolute favorite fics. It captures, perfectly, the complexities of relationships, the difficulty of letting go/moving on, and how reality is always different from fantasy. It's angsty, beautifully written, and there's a happy ending! Plus Draco is a cartographer.
Tags: author: oflights, era: post-war, fic length: medium, fic length: one shot, genre: angst, month: february, monthly recs, rating: r, type: fic

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