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Hello guys! I'm your March Reccer! :D

(This is not quite an announcement. So if this is inappropriate, Mods are free to tell me, so I can delete it myself :))

Hello there, readers! Name’s Seer and I want to share fics I like to read (and reread). Actually I’ve not really been into Drarry anymore nowadays Lord of the Flies is there to blame XD because 1990’s Jack/Ralph is so like Draco and Harry so the fics are mostly old or people had read them before. I’m a sucker for (almost) girly!Harry, angst, Non-Magic AUs, and abused!Harry, which you will see in my recs.

Since English isn’t my first language, I don’t really mind about grammatical errors, as long as they’re not too much. So if you find some errors in the fic I rec, I apologize. I’ll try to find the best fics, though! :D

Last, I’m not really good at LJ coding, so if there’s something wrong, feel free to let me know :)

With love,
Seer M. Anno


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