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Outside Our World - Chapter 6 HP/DM

Outside Our World

By: IcyAurora8
Rating: R
Pairings: Harry/Draco
Genre: Humor/Angst/Fluff/Slash
Summary: Sent to live in the muggle world for a half year, Draco and
Harry encounter what they would have never believed possible: A life
where the Harry Potter series of books really exists, based on none
other than their own lives. How did they not know?! New friends, new
relationships, comedy and embarrassment enter the lives of the two
boys as they adjust to their new secret. Of the Harry/Draco slash
Warning: This is SLASH! In other words, there are male/male
relationships. If you don't like, please don't read!

AN: Unfortunately, I do not own anything Harry Potter.

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Chapter 6

Harry woke the next morning feeling quite relaxed after a restful night’s sleep. It was odd waking in a different place, but not uncomfortable. Even though it was only a little after eight in the morning, the brunet decided to get up and moving. The two boys had another day to relax and adjust to the new town, and Harry wanted to drop off his work application at the coffee shop.
One of the first things Harry decided he was going to do that morning was try out the ‘whirlpool’ tub. Click here for links to the rest of the story and story infoCollapse )

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
Tags: - dead link, fic length: chapter, genre: angst, genre: humour, genre: smut, rating: nc-17

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