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FEST: Weekly Roundup #1

The fest has barely started, and already we have finished the first week. :) Thank you, everybody, for you wonderful comments and recs.

dracotops_harry Fest ☆
Roundup Week One


Seeking Comfort (PG-13)
Summary: Harry is feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, he goes on an adventure to get away from everything, only to pay a visit to his favourite person.


mothlights read sheafrotherdon's The Virtues of the Common Cold (and Other Wizarding Primers) (PG-13 | 20:07 minutes)
Summary: A little comedy, a little fluff, a little snark-tastic Malfoy to get the New Year off to a good start.


'... A Little Insecure' (R | 7000 words)
Summary: Harry receives a love letter from Draco Malfoy. Convinced that Malfoy is just fucking with him, he writes back in a way that he thinks Malfoy will take as joking, but which Malfoy unexpectedly accepts as totally serious.

Hey, Potter (R | 16000 words)
Summary: Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.

The Perfect Husband (NC-17 | 9,300 words)
Summary: Malfoy tilts his head back, locks eyes with Harry, and he’s so open, so eager to comfort that Harry wants to punch him till he bleeds. Instead, he leans down, presses a tender kiss along the freckled bridge of Malfoy’s too pointy nose. Malfoy’s just like Ginny, in a way. So naïve and trusting, so willing to believe the perfect man Harry will never be.

Gold at the End of the Rainbow (PG-13 | 9500 words)
Summary: Jamie Potter is most definitely a boy, but he also loves dresses, ribbons, and dolls. Harry has become protective of his unique son, and wary of those around him who seek to change Jamie to fit what they consider normal. He is wary of everyone, but most particularly he is wary of trusting Draco Malfoy to be his son's teacher while the Potters are in France.

Dawn (NC-17 | 30000 words)
Summary: he Aurors tend to assume that someone broke in That Night, and Harry doesn't want to make them think otherwise. He doesn’t want them to know that it wasn’t a break in at all. That it was Harry’s fault... that he let it happen.

Saturday Routines (PG-13| 10000 words)
Summary: Three months in, Harry is almost certain they are friends. Truth be told they only ever speak on Saturday afternoons, when the meetings occur. It’s part of their truce, maybe. Out here, in the Muggle world, they’re not really Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, nor are they the plethora of things that attach themselves to those names. Or, Harry and Draco go to AA.

The Elusive Mate (NC-17 | 26000 words)
Summary: Harry had done it (a) to save lives and (b) because the idea of him being Malfoy’s mate was clearly ridiculous, but now he had to tell Malfoy.

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