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Weekly Roundup #2

Thank you for all your comments and recs. ♥

dracotops_harry Fest ☆
Roundup Week Two


Claimed (R)
Summary: The Green Dragon chose his rider because he sensed Draco was a kindred spirit: fierce and possessive. When the time of the dragon flight arrived, the Green Dragon overtook the fiery and strong-willed Crimson Dragon and intended to claim her as his permanent mate. He knew his rider would have no objection since Draco had his own intentions towards the rider of the Crimson Dragon.


l_niania read bsmog's Something We Can't Control Or How to Cure First Day Jitters (NC-17 | 29:31 minutes)
Summary: It's the night before Harry's first class at Hogwarts, and he's nervous. Draco, being Draco, has just the thing to calm him down - a visit to the Astronomy Tower.


Lock and Key (PG-13 | 7,200 words)
Summary: After leaving Hogwarts Harry and Draco try their hands at different careers and are continuously encountering each other.

Malfoy's Bitch (NC-17 | 6,676 words)
Summary: Bitten by a werewolf doesn't always mean that you'll transform into a werewolf but it definitely increases your animalistic instincts and behaviour. Harry will learn that at first hand.

Article 631: Diary Entry of Dr. Harry J. Potter (R | 2340 words)
Summary: There might be a little more to his lover than Harry had bargained for...

Trust Enough To Listen (R | 7,477 words)
Summary: When Harry Potter gets a message about an emergency at Hogwarts, he dashes off to help. But helping proves difficult when he's distracted by a naked Draco Malfoy.

Walls and Bridges (R | 3120 words)
Summary: Harry gets trapped in a nightmare while he and Draco are on a mission.

Making Merry with Malfoy (R | 3,675 words)
Summary: When Harry agreed to stand up for Hermione as Head Bridesman, he didn't expect he'd be obligated to spend the night with Best Man Draco Malfoy.

Tonight (PG-13 | 1170 words)
Summary: In that brief moment before I speak, I stop and reflect on how far we've come.

Hibernating (R | 13,200 words)
Summary: It started out as a silly game of revenge, Ginny had left Harry to go out with Draco. Ron and Harry devised a plan to steal Ginny away from the ferret. It was all fun and games, until Harry lost his heart. Hermione of course, wasn’t surprised at all.

This Worship of an Extinct Fire (R | 30,500 words)
Summary: Unspeakable Draco Malfoy has planned for nearly six months how to take down Thomas Linwood, a man who has discovered the secret of converting wizard bodies to pure magic. He was prepared for anything – except the discovery of the missing Harry Potter in Linwood's compound.

Sing, for the Sea Belongs to Me (NC-17 | 15,700 words)
Summary: An unfortunate circumstance means that Harry gets sole responsibility of Teddy. Another unfortunate circumstance means that Teddy won't stop screaming unless he has a blood relation nearby. Enter Draco, and suddenly things aren't so unfortunate anymore.

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