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Weekly Roundup #3

dracotops_harry Fest ☆
Roundup Week Three


Conjuring you up (PG)
Summary: Draco performs the Patronus charm, with unexpected results.


sisi_rambles read megyal's Dragons with Silver Linings (Or Harry Potter is a Treasure) (R | 01:04:50 minutes)
Summary: Harry is living a life most ordinary; maybe a dragon can shake things up.


Friends Reunited (PG-13 | 5000 words)
Summary: Ron had a perfect — if not the perfect excuse for his reaction to Harry and Malfoy. You see, he had assumed Draco was a dog.

How Auror Potter Finally Solved the Most Important Mystery of His Career (NC-17 | 10,000 words)
Summary: Harry is NOT in a romantic relationship with Draco; no matter what everyone else seems to believe.

Dear Diary (R | 6755 words)
Summary: Ginny has a plan, Hermione has a suspicion and Harry...is a bit clueless.

AMKM (PG-13 | 4620 words)
Summary: There is something Harry doesn’t know about one Draco Malfoy: his dancing skills. There is something Draco doesn’t know about one Harry Potter: Potter is a hopeless romantic.

Little Secret (PG-13 | 4345 words)
Summary: Harry is assigned to Draco by the Carrows, and he thinks Draco is an entitled, selfish git until they spend some time together on their own. Harry realises not all is what it seems, and that power and wealth doesn't always mean happiness.

Don't Stop Before It Begins (R | 19500 words)
Summary: “I don’t understand how this is of any concern to you, Malfoy,” Harry said, crossing his arms over his chest. Draco blinked at the use of his last name, something that Harry only used with him in jest these days. “I’m merely spending time with my Auror partner, who is from another country, and has no one here. I would do the same if it were you.”
“It’s not me though, is it?” Draco all but shouted, unable to stop himself.

Erised de sidere - Part 1 and Erised de sidere - Part 2 (NC-17 | 54K words)
Summary: Both Harry and Draco receive a mysterious letter. Will they risk following the cryptic instructions coming from a stranger? Will it change their fate or help them become what they are meant to be?

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