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Weekly Roundup #4 and last

Fest ☆
Roundup Week Four


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (G)
Summary: Harry doesn’t know the first thing about gaining another man’s attention, so he seeks advice from the one person who has kept her man happy for years, Molly Weasley. Molly tells Harry the best way to Draco’s heart is through his stomach. Since Harry knows Draco has a sweet tooth, he decided to make all of Draco’s favourite desserts.

Flying Smile (G)
Summary: Draco and Harry in flight on a dragon.


Housing Plan (R | 7,909 words)
Summary: Harry joins Draco on his house hunting adventures. When Draco finds the right house Harry will have to address his feelings that started when they were in 8th year.

DreamSequence (R | 4,100 words)
Summary: Harry knows how the ending happens before the beginning, and he's determined to change it.

Magic Tricks (PG-13 | 5,665 words)
Summary: When Draco agreed to accompany his flatmate to a Muggle magic show, he did not expect Harry Potter to be the magician onstage. Since then, nothing has gone according to plan.

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (PG-13 | 10,200 words)
Summary: When Draco discovers a new entry on the Malfoy family tree, he confronts Harry. Neither of them realised they would find happiness together after a random encounter with a stranger.

It Never Occurred to Me That I Would Fall in Love With a Frenchman (PG-13 | 6,600 words)
Summary: Harry kisses Draco in a public place. All hell breaks loose.

The Crying Blood Spell (R | 21,932 words)
Summary: Draco is a paperwork Auror who wants to work in the field. Cases from the field interest him, although he can’t investigate or he will lose everything he has now. But what will happen if there’s a murder case involving Harry Potter?

Collapse Amongst the Dying Stars (R | 26,500 words)
Summary: After the final battle nothing is quite as Harry expected. Death Eaters remain unaccounted for, Malfoy is in prison and there is something rotten in Azkaban. Banned from assisting the Aurors, Harry keeps himself busy with regular visits to Malfoy and works to bring light to the darkness of no. 12 Grimmauld Place. As he does all he can to make things better, Harry's mind fills with strange dreams and an adversary sets in motion a plan intended to tear Harry's world apart.

Nur wir beide (NC-17 | 8,400 words)
Summary: 8th year - Muggle Studies has been made mandatory for graduation. Harry and Draco are assigned to work on a final project together, and go off to spend the Christmas holiday in Berlin. Draco discovers the Muggle world is not as primitive and useless as he previously thought. Harry discovers the crush he once had on Draco long ago is back - and for the new, reformed Draco, back with reinforcements.

Amnesty (NC-17 | 21K words)
Summary: Draco Malfoy, shunned by the masses and turned away from the Aurors more times than he'd care to admit, is taking out remnants of the Dark Lord's fan club himself – by being the best assassin money can buy. When the stone-cold killer happens upon a body lying in the alley, however, he can't leave the man for dead. When the man turns out to be Harry Potter, he does what anyone in his position would do – he brings him home.

Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go (NC-17 | 17,000 words)
Summary: The fae have faded, and they've passed on elemental abilities. Harry is Chosen, of course (isn't he always?), and he has to work his way through the minefield of having an Elemental mate.
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