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The Big Reveal ...

...of the dracotops_harry Fest 2013!

☆ Masterlist ☆


sugareey drew Seeking Comfort (PG-13)

fyernaice drew Claimed (R)

kalime80 drew Conjuring you up (PG)

fyernaice drew The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (G)

nonki_studio drew Flying Smile (G)


tigersilver wrote '... A Little Insecure' (R | 7,000 words)

sunseticmonster wrote Hey, Potter (R | 16,000 words)

curlee_cue wrote The Perfect Husband (NC-17 | 9,300 words)

tryslora wrote Gold at the End of the Rainbow (PG-13 | 9,500 words)

kedavranox wrote Dawn (NC-17 | 30,000 words)

policeprivate wrote Saturday Routines (PG-13| 10,000 words)

0idontknow0 wrote The Elusive Mate (NC-17 | 26,000 words)

fyernaice wrote Lock and Key (PG-13 | 7,200 words)

dragontara wrote Malfoy's Bitch (NC-17 | 6,676 words)

sausaged wrote Article 631: Diary Entry of Dr. Harry J. Potter (R | 2340 words)

wendypops wrote Trust Enough To Listen (R | 7,477 words)

cottonrobin wrote Walls and Bridges (R | 3120 words)

enchanted_jae wrote Making Merry with Malfoy (R | 3,675 words)

susannah_wilde wrote Tonight (PG-13 | 1170 words)

drarryisgreen wrote Hibernating (R | 13,200 words)

lomonaaeren wrote This Worship of an Extinct Fire (R | 30,500 words)

leontinabowie wrote Sing, for the Sea Belongs to Me (NC-17 | 15,700 words)

kjp_013 wrote Friends Reunited (PG-13 | 5000 words)

fantasyfiend09 wrote How Auror Potter Finally Solved the Most Important Mystery of His Career (NC-17 | 10,000 words)

sassy_cissa wrote Dear Diary (R | 6755 words)

seerstella wrote AMKM (PG-13 | 4620 words)

scarletladyy wrote Little Secret (PG-13 | 4345 words)

mischieviolet wrote Don't Stop Before It Begins (R | 19500 words)

kalime80 wrote Erised de sidere - Part 1 and Erised de sidere - Part 2 (NC-17 | 54K words)

blossomdreams wrote Housing Plan (R | 7,909 words)

emi_chirescue wrote DreamSequence (R | 4,100 words)

talithan wrote Magic Tricks (PG-13 | 5,665 words)

9fn432 wrote I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (PG-13 | 10,200 words)

lamerezouille wrote It Never Occurred to Me That I Would Fall in Love With a Frenchman (PG-13 | 6,600 words)

retha_helena & seerstella wrote The Crying Blood Spell (R | 21,932 words)

writcraft wrote Collapse Amongst the Dying Stars (R | 26,500 words)

clearbluewater3 wrote Nur wir beide (NC-17 | 8,400 words)

sesheta_66 wrote Amnesty (NC-17 | 21K words)

megyal wrote Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go (NC-17 | 17000 words)


mothlights read sheafrotherdon's The Virtues of the Common Cold (and Other Wizarding Primers) (PG-13 | 20:07 minutes)

l_niania read bsmog's Something We Can't Control Or How to Cure First Day Jitters (NC-17 | 29:31 minutes)

sisi_rambles read megyal's Dragons with Silver Linings (Or Harry Potter is a Treasure) (R | 01:04:50 minutes)

See any mistakes or broken links? Please let us know in comments.

Author, artists and podficcers, please feel free now to post your stories, artworks and podfics wherever you want. :)

Thank you all for a most wonderful round of the Fest where Draco tops Harry. Hopefully, we see you all next year again.

corona_0304 and vaysh

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