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2013 top!Draco Save List from H/D Tropes

2013 top!Draco save-list. There're only top!Draco scenes or no penetration mentioned.
Heed the warnings of the original entries. And please leave review to all those hardworking authors, if you'd like! :)

Week 1

A Birthday Surprise in Malfoy Style by dragontara | NC-17 | 8,471 words
Summary: Draco is severely annoyed of his father's meddling in his life, so Draco decides to give his parents a surprise for his birthday. That was a perfectly good surprise, mind you, until Potter’s good luck entered the game and kicked Draco square in the arse.
Notes: Mpreg!Draco toward the end

The Many Lives of Love by nattish | NC-17 | 27,000
Summary: When a Ministry time travel mission goes terribly wrong, Harry is sent to the future and Draco is sent to the past. Young Draco doesn’t know why, but he feels compelled to make choices he never thought possible before; unknowingly, he alters reality, the future, and his relationship with Harry Potter—forever?

You Can Give Me All That I Lack by digthewriter | NC-17 | 15,000
Summary: Potter and Malfoy are the best at everything, so clearly, they’d be best at shagging each other as well.
Notes: Possible Switching
Week 2

Take Half of Me by leontinabowie | NC-17 | 8,900
Summary: When Harry joins Luna and Rolf on an expedition to find the mysterious Yeti, he doesn’t expect to be sharing a room.
Notes: Switching with non-explicit bottom!Draco scenes.

Like a Real Family by mab | NC-17 | 10,999
Summary: Harry thought he had all he wanted in life, raising Teddy and being the parent he's always wanted to be, until he experiences what life with a partner could be like. Now if only Draco wasn't straight.
Notes: Possible Switching
Week 3
The Picket Fence by creepylicious | R | 5,580
Summary: A  de-aged, nine year old Harry Potter with memory loss, and three Ex-Slytherins taking care of him.
Notes: Implied Switching

Lost to You by scarletladyy | NC-17 | 5,000
Summary: There's no getting out of a Ministry function when you're an Auror, so for Harry, that means running into Malfoy and his wife. He's trying not to let that silver-blond hair distract him, but one look in those hard, grey eyes and he's lost to them.

Magic's Memory by 0idontknow0 | NC-17 |15,000
Summary: "This is something that actually happens fairly often, except that what the people and their magic want tend to be in sync."
Week 4 & 5
Sundowning by writcraft | NC-17 | 8,300
Summary: Draco has been forgetting things lately and when Harry insists that he see a Healer, the couple are given news which will test their relationship and threaten all that they hold dear.

Crashing and Burning by amorette | NC-17 | 6,500
Summary: Why was Potter being so nice to him all the sudden? And why couldn't Blaise just bugger the hell off?

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