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FEST: Prompt List and Claiming Template

Claiming will open tomorrow
Wednesday, January 22, 10pm GMT

Claiming is first come, first serve.
This is not the Claiming Post!

This year we have the Prompt List with all of the 202 delicious top!Draco prompts collected in a gmail-doc.

For your perusal, read all the prompts here:

Draco tops Harry Prompt List 2014

Art by luoo, banner by corona_0304.

Please let us know ASAP if you cannot access this doc. Thank you.

Thank you, phoenixacid, for creating this list from the 9 pages of prompts and comments! You are a .

To prepare your claim, here is the

Prompt Claiming Format:
My name: (or the name of the person you are claiming for)
My email address:
First choice: Prompt # - For FIC or ART
Second choice: Prompt # - For FIC or ART
Third choice: Prompt # - For FIC or ART

Please use this Claiming Template when claiming a prompt tomorrow:

there will be a post going up tomorrow with a collection of stories suitable to be podficced for the dracotops_harry Fest. You can podfic any of those stories, or any other story that fits the Fest Rules.

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