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Monthly Recs- Fic: Marriage of True Minds by lomonaaeren

Title: ​Marriage of True Minds
Author/Artist: lomonaaeren
Length/Word Count: ~200k+ (50 chapters)
Rating: M
Switching? No
Notes/Warnings?: Some Harry/Ginny, Harry/OMC and Draco/Astoria
Why everyone should read/look at this: If I had to pick my favourite novel length fic, this would be it. I love how the author describes Draco and Harry growing to like each other (it's not like BLAM! One chapter then they fall into bed) as well as how they are bound. And to add to that, their forced bond is not the only plot of the story. Plus it has jealous!Draco and I'm a sucker for that <3. I can go on and on but bottom line--you've got to give this story a try.
Tags: author: lomonaaeren, fic length: chapter, genre: angst, genre: bonding, month: february, monthly recs, rec, type: fic

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