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Monthly Recs- Art: Veggie Series by red_rahl

Title: ​Veggie H/D
Link: [A Match Made in Veggie Heaven]
      [Ripe for the Taking]
  [Still Life with Eggmato]
Author/Artist: red_rahl
Rating: G for AMMIVH and SLWE but somewhat R in RFTT
Switching? No?
Notes/Warnings?: Veggie!Porn and Implied Vpreg
Why everyone should read/look at this: It's just so cute! I can't help but squeal everytime I see this so give it a look see!

This art was inspired by a fanfic (Eggplant Parmesan by potteresque_ire) so I'll be including the link to the story as well--
Tags: artist: red_rahl, genre: crack, month: february, monthly recs, rec, type: fic

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