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He's Mine and I'll Prove It

Author/Artist: likea_boss9987
Title: He's Mine and I'll Prove It
Rating: R
Other pairings but D/H (if applicable):Ron/Hermione
Summary:Draco and Harry are dating. Other guys are such flirts! But when Draco comes up with a plan when he finds a plain-looking leather bound book, what is the worst that can happen?
Word Count: ~12k
Notes: Written for a prompt in dracotops_harry fest 2011 I chanced upon this year. Prompt by renleek: Draco, insecure of his relationship for Harry who's glowing with confidence and sensuality plots to get him pregnant so he won't leave him. Jealous!Draco jumping to conclusions, misunderstandings, desperate sex...Happy Ending! Mpreg! Though I did wander off by a fair bit, I think the essence of the prompt is still there. I hope the prompter doesn't mind that I used their prompt.

Tags: author: likea_boss9987, era: post-hogwarts, genre: angst, rating: r, rec, type: fic

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