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Monthly Recs - Fic: Some Kind of Feeling by Maximum Poofy

Title: Some Kind of Feeling
Author/Artist:Maximum Poofy on
Length/Word Count: ~90k+ (13 chapters)
Rating: M
Switching?/Notes:No. My favourite non-magical AU after Draco's boy. Some warnings to be noted are as such; somewhat feminine Harry (to me, I mean), rape (not between Draco and Harry) and stalking (?).
Why everyone should read/look at this: 'What if magic never existed? Harry Potter's life in a regular highschool, he's a nobody. Then comes Draco, making him feel like a somebody.' This really is a wonderful story and I love it. The characters are a bit OOC though, just a warning if you don't like that. There's a sequel but it's under hiatus and hasn't been updated since 2007, so I won't be putting it here :( .
Tags: author: maximum poofy, contains: first-time, contains: non-con, fic length: long, month: february, monthly recs, rating: r, rec, type: fic

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