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Monthly Recs - Fic: Life, As Experienced Through Your Fingers by Gold-Snitcher

Title: Life, As Experience Through Your Fingers
Author/Artist: Gold-Snitcher on
Length/Word Count:~100k (13 chapters)
Switching?/Notes: No. This is a non-magical AU. It has a sequel but unfortunately, it is not complete :(. But that's okay, this story has a happy ending! There's a bit of non-con but it's not between Harry and Draco.
Why everyone should read/look at this: It's beautiful! They are in a music school, Draco is protective, Harry is cute, sweet and shy but not weak in any way. It has everything!
Tags: author: gold-snitcher, contains: non-con, fic length: long, month: february, monthly recs, rating: r, rec, type: fic

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