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The Guessing Poll

The Guessing Poll of the
2014 dracotops_harry Fest

All fest participants are listed in the tags. Two authors wrote two fics for the fest. :)

Poll #1966767 Draco tops Harry Fest 2014: Guessing Poll Art
This poll is closed.

Poll #1966768 Draco tops Harry Fest 2014: Guessing Poll Stories
This poll is closed.

Who wrote Control?

Who wrote Home?

Who wrote I See You?

Who wrote In Motion?

Who wrote Last City?

Who wrote Plucked?

Who wrote Shy?

Who wrote Touched?

Please don't hesitate to leave your guesses. Artists and writers love to see whether people can guess their style or not. ♥

Tags: [admin] fest-2014, [admin] guessing poll, artist: creepylicious, artist: digthewriter, artist: iwao, artist: meteobreak, artist: nherizu, artist: raitala, author: 0idontknow0, author: articcat621, author: awickedmemory, author: barefacedbandit, author: birdsofshore, author: charmed310, author: creepylicious, author: cylsus, author: dicta_contrion, author: digthewriter, author: disapparater, author: dracogotgame, author: dragontara, author: drarryxlover, author: elfearsonli, author: enchanted_jae, author: fantasyfiend09, author: firethesound, author: kalime80, author: kedavranox, author: kjp_013, author: lamerezouille, author: leontinabowie, author: likea_boss9987, author: lomonaaeren, author: lyonessheart, author: maschapluis, author: meglw0228, author: megyal, author: nathalieweasley, author: raitala, author: sassy_cissa, author: sausaged, author: sdkshelly, author: shine_alive, author: slowroad, author: tarklovishki, author: thisaintmyname, author: traintracks, author: unbroken_halo, author: vaysh, author: writcraft, author: zeitgeistic, type: art

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