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And now ... the BIG REVEAL! \o/

Masterlist of the
2014 dracotops_harry Fest


likea_boss9987 reads Lily's Letter (podfic) by dracogotgame) (G | 05:41)

mothlights reads Landslide (podfic) by libby_drew (NC-17 | 03:35:55 hours)


iwao drew Any Dark Alley (NC-17)

meteobreak drew Daybright (G)

nherizu drew The Gift That Keeps Giving (NC-17)

digthewriter drew I See You (PG-13)

raitala drew The Rose Tattoo (PG-13 | collaboration)


dicta_contrion wrote Potter’s Parselprostate (and the Chamber of Secrets) (NC-17 | 17,437 words)

raitala wrote A Fox's Bargain (NC-17 | 6000 words)

disapparater wrote Tread That Fine Line (NC-17 | 5300 words)

maschapluis wrote Cars not Carts (PG-13 | 6,820 words)

digthewriter wrote You Wilfully Misunderstand Me (NC-17 | 5,400 words)

traintracks wrote let me see you stripped (down to the bone) (NC-17 | 24,000 words)

birdsofshore wrote Be Prepared (NC-17 | 3,600 words)

shine_alive wrote Home (NC-17 | 6,000 words)

slowroad wrote What we have, works (R | 2,014 words)

cylsus wrote Fall to Grace (NC-17 | 5,064 words)

kalime80 wrote Chasing you in my sleep (PG-13 | 1340 words)

articcat621 wrote Hidden Desires Come to Light (R | 1810 words)

meglw0228 wrote Control (R | 2,837 words)

leontinabowie wrote The Ballad of the Merman (NC-17 | 3,280 words)

firethesound wrote In the Interest of Interhouse Cooperation ( NC-17 | 11,800 words)

lyonessheart wrote Close to Perfect ( NC-17 | 10,705 words)

dragontara wrote The Slut of the Century (NC-17 | 2,798 words)

sdkshelly wrote Save My Wonders (NC-17 | 21,000 words)

creepylicious wrote and drew art for Transformation (NC-17 | 7,900 words)

nathalieweasley wrote I See You (NC-17 | 1,285 words)

fantasyfiend09 wrote The Conquering of Harry Potter('s Virginity) (NC-17 | 8,400 words)

enchanted_jae wrote Wererotica (NC-17 | 2,100words)

likea_boss9987 wrote Be My Savior (R | 7,180 words)

thisaintmyname wrote Shy (NC-17 | 1,829 words)

charmed310 wrote Moments Like These (NC-17 | 9,600 words)

digthewriter wrote Staying Professional (NC-17 | 4,515 words)

awickedmemory wrote Good to me (And I'd Be So Good to You) (G | 9,000 words)

drarryxlover wrote In Motion (NC-17 | 5,700 words)

unbroken_halo wrote Body Logic (R | 13070 words)

kjp_013 wrote All Bets Are Off (NC-17 | 2640 words)

writcraft wrote Touched (R | 7300 words)

sausaged wrote Plucked (R | 4340 words)

barefacedbandit wrote Let's Go Outside (NC-17 | 24340 words)

disapparater wrote Someone Just Like You (R | 12000 words)

0idontknow0 wrote An Act of Kindness for One Harry Potter by a Sympathetic Draco Malfoy (NC-17 | 15400 words)

megyal wrote Harry Potter and the Steel Mage (NC-17 | 14,000 words)

mischieviolet wrote Meant, Said, Felt (NC-17 | 13,900 words)

lamerezouille wrote Put a Price on My Soul (NC-17 | 12,000 words)

kedavranox wrote Breaking the Line (NC-17 | 20,000 words)

tarklovishki wrote The Kind Of Almost Maybe Sex (NC-17 | 13,220 words)

sassy_cissa wrote The Rest is Unwritten (NC-17 | 11,500 words)

lomonaaeren wrote Record It As A Victory (R | 13,000 words)

dracogotgame wrote Compliments to the Chef (NC-17 | 5,100 words)

zeitgeistic wrote Last City (NC-17 | 27,500 words)

vaysh wrote The Rose Tattoo (PG-13 | 3200 words | collaboration)

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