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Pssst... Prompting for the Draco tops Harry Fest opens tonight!

This is not the Prompting Post!
This is the reminder post that Prompting open tonight. :)

Art by Random., banner by corona_0304.

As in previous rounds, we welcome anyone who wants to podfic for the dracotops_harry Fest. When you prompt, please take a moment and think of top!Draco/bottom!Harry stories that you love and that are suitable for podficcing. ♥

Here is the prompting template:

Prompter: (your name)
Prompt: (your idea for the story or art you'd love to happen)
Special Request(s) (optional): (any special things you may want to see)
Squicks: (anything you don't want to see at all)
Maximum Rating: (can range from G to NC-17. Please indicate clearly in the prompt if you want a pre-slash fic or art)
Anything else (optional): (anything else you want to add to your prompt)
Suggested story for podficcing (optional): (Let us know your favourite H/D top!Draco story that you'd love to have as a podfic. Remember that the shorter the story, the higher the chance that it might actually get podficced. Please provide a working link.)

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