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This is the Claiming Post! \o/ - Claiming is now closed!

claiming for the fifth dracotops_harry Fest is now open closed

Please make sure to read the Fest Rules before claiming a prompt.

The prompts are here:
Draco tops Harry Prompt List 2015
(link leads to a gdoc!)

Important Dates:
Sign-ups & Prompt Claiming starts: January 21
Submissions due: March 15
Fest starts: Wednesday, April 1
Posting ends: April 29 or whenever we run out of submission
Reveal goes up: May 8


• Prompt claiming is on a first-come, first-claimed basis.
• Claiming by proxy is permitted.
• You may state your first, second and third choices for a prompt when you claim.
• Please state if you are claiming for fic or for art.
• Yes, you may claim your own prompt. :)
• The comments to this post will be screened. No one but the mods will know the prompt you are writing or creating art for.
• You can claim only one prompt at a time. Once you submitted your fic/art to the mods, you may claim another prompt. You may claim up to three prompts.
Podficcers, please sign up here, as well. More information on the podfic sign-up is below.
• If you claimed a prompt or signed up for podficcing, please watch this community for updates on the dracotops_harry Fest.

Prompt Claiming Format:
My name: (or the name of the person you are claiming for)
My email address:
First choice: Prompt # - For FIC or ART
Second choice: Prompt # - For FIC or ART
Third choice: Prompt # - For FIC or ART

Please use this Claiming Template when claiming a prompt:

How prompt claiming works:

If your first choice of prompt is not yet claimed, it's yours! If your first choice is already claimed, you will get your second choice. If your second choice is already claimed, you will get your third choice. If your third choice is claimed, we will ask you to submit another three choices.

If you only want to request one prompt, that is perfectly fine.

The mods will reply to your claim request as soon as we can confirm which of your prompt choice is still unclaimed. We will be updating the lists of prompts ASAP to indicate which prompts have been claimed for fic or for art or both.

While your comments will be screened, the mod's reply will be left unscreened, without mentioning the number of the prompt you claimed. In case LJ notifications are not working, please come back to this post to check whether you got your claimed prompt or not.

How to sign up to record a podfic:

Please make sure to read the Info Post about Podficcing before signing-up to podfic for the dracotops_harry Fest.

During prompting we asked the prompters to leave us suggestions for stories that they would loved to have podficced. This collection of suggested stories (from the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 fests) can be found here:

Suggested Stories for Podficcing.

You can either chose a story from this list, or any other top!Draco H/D story for podficcing.

• All podfics must be H/D and top!Draco. In this fest, no switching fics are allowed.
• You need to get permission from the author before you submit your podfic to us.
• If you would like to podfic a story but haven't decided yet which one, please sign up now and let us know before March 1, 2015, which story you have chosen.
• Podficcers will not be anon in the fest, so please mention your name in the podfic (and on the podfic cover) you create.

Podfic Sign-up Format:
My name:
My email address:
Story I will podfic: (author and title of story you want to podfic | leave blank if you haven't decided yet)

Please use this Template when signing up for podficcing:

Any questions or concerns? Please email us at dracotopsharry@gmail.com.
Please do not comment on this post with questions!

Your very excited fest mods
corona_0304 and vaysh

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