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FIC: Owl Drink to That! (PG)

Title: Owl Drink to That!
Author: sausaged
Prompt: # 135
Summary: Everyone knows getting your first owl can be an absolutely world-changing experience. This cannot be truer when Draco Malfoy steps foot into Magical Menageries.
Rating: PG
Warning(s): AU: no Voldemort or blood discrimination.
Word Count: 5231
Author's Notes: thank you, Resmiranda, for being my beta this year! i love love love you for doing this on such a short notice and i’m very sorry! any mistakes left over are all my own; all mine! and thank you to the amazing mod team at DTH for putting together such a wonderful fest and being so patient with me (again)! i hope everyone will enjoy reading as much as i did writing! xoxo [title of the fic comes from @birdpuns on twitter. :D]

( Owl Drink to That! )
Tags: [admin] fest-2015, author: sausaged, contains: owls, fic length: medium, genre: au, rating: pg, type: fic

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