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PODFIC: The Rose Tattoo, by vaysh & raitala, read by huldrejenta (PG-13)

Podfic SundayTitle: The Rose Tattoo
Reader: huldrejenta
Author: vaysh
Artist: raitala
Author's Summary: A drunken tattoo becomes the anchor and compass in Draco's life.
Story: The Rose Tattoo
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): None
Length: 00:28:34
Podfic cover: capitu, based on art by raitala (used with permission)
Download Link(s): mp3 [26.9 MB]
Reader's Notes: Thank you so much to vaysh and raitala for creating this wonderful piece of fic and art, and for letting me record it. I've tried to capture the mood of the story, which to me is a quiet and sober one, in spite of the summary :)
Many thanks to starfishstar, for the beta work and for convincing me to add music to the recording. I think you're absolutely right!
The music in the podfic as well as the story itself is Dropkick Murphy's "Rose Tattoo".


Listen here (direct streaming):

Listen to the podfic on AO3: **here**.

Tags: [admin] fest-2015, artist: raitala, author: vaysh, era: post-war, ewe, podficcer: huldrejenta, rating: pg-13, type: podfic

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