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Draco tops Harry Fest: Round up for Week Two

Weekly Round-up of the dracotops_harry Fest
Week Two


huldrejenta read The Rose Tattoo by vaysh and raitala (PG-13 | 00:28:34)
Summary: A drunken tattoo becomes the anchor and compass in Draco's life.


Draco, it's – (NC-17)
Summary: It's natural that Draco has a number of toys--he owns an adult store, for Merlin's sake. What Harry didn't know was that they'll be used on him.

A Night out (G)
Summary: A night of surprises when Harry and Draco switch it up.


Dinner at Luna's (NC-17 | 4000 words)
Summary: Harry has dinner plans with Luna. The problem is to do with her neighbour.

Owl Drink to That! (PG | 5230 words)
Summary: Everyone knows getting your first owl can be an absolutely world-changing experience. This cannot be truer when Draco Malfoy steps foot into Magical Menageries.

When The Opportunity Arises (NC-17 | 7000 words)
Summary: A simple favor for Hermione turns into a whole slew of events that Harry never quite anticipated. But with Draco Malfoy running a sex shop and Hermione's meddlesome tendencies, he should probably have expected this sort of outcome.

Painting Potter's Portrait (NC-17 | 10,210 words)
Summary: When a painting of Harry and Malfoy doing the 'afternoon delight' makes an appearance at the Ministry. Harry makes it his personal duty to chase down the artist who drew this...disgusting...piece of art. Enter Draco Malfoy who also sees the painting as a personal affront and decides to join Harry in search of the painting and it's artist.

Discovering Malfoy (NC-17 | 2290 words)
Summary: Harry walks in on Draco having a wank. It seems that his feelings weren’t unrequited after all.

They Were both Smiling (NC-17 | 5690 words)
Summary: Harry reflects on his first term as a Slytherin and his relationship with Draco Malfoy.

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