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FIC: The Coefficient of Friction (NC-17)

Title: The Coefficient of Friction
Author: daftfear
Prompt: # 54
Summary: The war is over, the Death Eater trials are complete, life in the wizarding world is finally getting back to normal, and Harry Potter is restless. Unsure of what he really wants and growing increasingly confused in his personal life, Harry decides to take a holiday—alone—to clear his mind and find himself. He books a trip to a wizarding resort, expecting to be the lone guest, only to find out Draco Malfoy will be there as well. Falling back on old habits, Harry determines Malfoy must be up to something. In his search to uncover Malfoy’s secrets, Harry inadvertently does what he had meant to all along—find himself.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): (highlight for details): *coarse language, rimming, very minimal Harry/Ginny*
Word Count: 18,102
Author's Notes: I had a lot of fun with this fic and tried to keep as close to the prompt as possible. As soon as I read it, it evoked a set of very vivid images, so thank you to the prompter, leontinabowie! Endless thanks to my beta, susannah_wilde, for all her help and fantastic work. All remaining mistakes, of course, are mine. And given how nervous I was about this, her words of encouragement also mean the world to me. Finally, thanks to the mods for running this awesome fest and putting up with my silly questions. :)
Small note: The Greek letter M or μ represents, in Physics, the coefficient of friction, which “describes the ratio of the force of friction between two bodies and the force pressing them together.” ("Coefficient of Friction," Wikipedia)

( The Coefficient of Friction )
Tags: [admin] fest-2015, author: daftfear, era: post-war, fic length: long, kink: rimming, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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