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Draco tops Harry Fest 2015: Big Reveal & Masterlist

The time has come for the –

Big Reveal and Masterlist of the
2015 dracotops_harry Fest

in alphabetical order


fire_juggler read Touched by writcraft (PG-13 | 00:56:11)

fire_juggler read Coffee by writcraft (PG-13 | 00:56:11)

huldrejenta read The Rose Tattoo by vaysh and raitala (PG-13 | 00:28:34)

vaysh read Rapture by dicta_contrion (NC-17 | 00:10:38)


bafflinghaze drew Draco, it's – (NC-17)

digthewriter drew A Night out (G)

digthewriter drew The Lovers (G)

idikehaine drew Focus, Potter (NC-17)

meteobreak drew Chemical (G )

raitala drew Every Shadow (PG-13)

sugareey drew Big White Room (PG)


alpha_exodus wrote When The Opportunity Arises (NC-17 | 7000 words)

articcat621 wrote Discovering Malfoy (NC-17 | 2290 words)

awickedmemory wrote Crutch (PG | 11,500 words)

bafflinghaze wrote All the Small Things (NC-17 | 12700 words)

create_serenity wrote In His Nature (R | 20,595 words)

create_serenity wrote Carnal Desires (R | 5570)

daftfear wrote The Coefficient of Friction (NC-17 | 18,100 words)

deathboy2014 wrote They Were both Smiling (NC-17 | 5690 words)

dicta_contrion wrote Make Me A Headline (I Want To Be That Bold) (NC-17 | 31,040 words)

disapparater wrote At This Hour (NC-17 | 10,300 words)

fantasyfiend09 wrote Dinner at Luna's (NC-17 | 4000 words)

gamerkuro wrote Paiting Potter's Portrait (NC-17 | 10,210 words)

hpstrangelove wrote Dark Bondage (NC-17 | 3615 words)

huldrejenta wrote One More Time (Let's Do It Again) (R | 6000 words)

kjp_013 wrote Get It Right (PG-13 | 1750 words)

lamerezouille wrote Resistance (NC-17 | 9930 words)

lauren3210 wrote The Rewards of Bravery (NC-17 | 13,000 words)

leontinabowie wrote Viper (NC-17 | 11,440 words)

lomonaaeren wrote Land of Dark Wonders (R | 19,500 words)

lq_traintracks wrote It's the Love of the Chase (That Created the Ride) (NC-17 | 14,000 words)

lunaria697 wrote Party Favors (NC-17 | 3900 words)

sausaged wrote Owl Drink to That! (PG | 5230 words)

writcraft wrote Coffee (NC-17 | 5600 words)

Authors' and artists' names will be added to the post in the next days.

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