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[FIC]: The Rivers Run Red Part 2


Title: The Rivers Run Red
Chapter: 1/1
Author: Bleeding Star Goddess (aka BSG) and can be contacted at Toqkid@aol.com or Satarian@aol.com
Wordcount: 22,719
Beta: Beth
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: A hard NC-17
Challenge Response: The Scratched Hearts Challenge
Challenge Scenario(s): B) Assassin! Harry
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: This story shall take place in an Alternate Universe and will contain elements of Asphyxiation, Blood Play, Extremely Questionably Sexual Intercourse, Gore, Cannibalism, Cross-Dressing, Relationships of the Homosexual Nature, Major and Minor Character Death, Abuse, Original Characters, and Domination/Submission situations.


Summary: He is deadly, swift, and untraceable. He is also cursed. But when he gets too close to the target can he still do the deed?


The Rivers Run Red continued


I snapped my fan on Evan's shoulder.
"Behave," I hissed as the maid - Karen - finished buttoning up his jacket.
"But Ma'am!" he whined and I would have none of that, I struck his shoulder again.
"Listen closely to me Evan, the ball will commence with or without you, I assure you, however, that your night will be far more agreeable if you attend as a gentleman."
He sniffled, the poison halfway complete and for a moment I thought how cute he was, his nose a little red, his cheeks a little flushed, and his eyes slightly wide while his small hands kept gripping at the hem of his shirt. I shook my head, disgusted by the mentality that a sick, sniveling child (or any human) could be adorable or anything less than repulsive.
Karen stood, bowing before she left us alone and I glanced around the room before running a gloved hand through his hair.
"Listen to me Evan, your father's son, your half-brother, is having his good health celebrated, and we must show the Baron what a strong boy you are. That you're able to hold your head up high even as you stand so close to death, even as you are thrown aside because you are less than dirt and have been since your birth no matter what finery they dress you in or the education you receive. Because dirt is still dirt."
Evan's hands clenched as my cruel words ran through his ears. I would not soothe him, I would harden him. Death was not a glorious affair for those who were dying, but I would give Evan strength.
He nodded his head and I sneered before giving him a gentle shove with my fan towards the door. The doormen opened it and we entered through the side access, the grand entrance would be reserved for the Baron and the guests of honor.
I looked around, taking in every noble, every aristocrat present. I instantly spotted my Dragon, surrounded by men and women alike as he regaled them with nonsense but they would eat it up and think him so extremely witty and never realize that he never really told a story.
He glanced at me, for the briefest of moments and I sighed in happiness or something like it as the need to strangle him filled me. He knew I was here and he would see that our plan was completed.
Evan looked prim and proper, acted as it as well and a gentle tap of my fan on his shoulder would remind him when he was stepping out of line.
The musicians suddenly came to a halt before taking up once more, the music a heralding as the Baron and his family came down the grand staircase.
The Baroness Finnigan, from the few times I saw her within the manor, was not ugly; she - like her husband - was plain and extra-ordinary. It wouldn't be hard for some of the other nobility to outshine the guests of honor, however rude it might be.
But I think that the Baroness was well aware of her plainness for the dress she wore was extremely luxurious. All the little mirrors and jewels in the rich blue and gold fabric caught the light coming from the chandeliers and glinted. Glitter had been applied to her body and a large sapphire hung around her neck. Makeup brought out what features they could. Her pale blonde hair was done up in curls.
Oh, she was pretty for the night; there was no doubt in my mind about that. But what made her beautiful to me and my Dragon was the beating heart and the heat coursing through her as well as the glow of a mother.
The babe in her arms was silent; it was, in fact, a surprise that the small child was brought at all, even if the ball was in his honor.
Evan sneezed and dabbed his nose with the light blue handkerchief he would be using for the rest of the night but my attention only slid to him briefly before once more gazing around the room.
Finnigan's drivel on how glad he was about everyone being here to honor his wife and son, about how beautiful his wife was, and the baby's health went through my ear and I could, if necessary repeat the entire speech. But I continued to just look around.
Countess Lavender, one of my main sources of information (though Draco teased it was just gossip) was on the arm of another would be suitor. The Earl Zabini, one of our most reliable contacts, was with his Mistress. The faces were many, and most of them known.
As always and what truly never ended my amusement was the sight of people looking for the Duchess Malfoy and knowing that it was yet another party that she did not attend. Oh, the others would politely return their attention to the Baron and Baroness, but quick glances would shy over my Dragon, curious to his empty arm where surely his wife should have been.
I stopped and gazed at my Dragon; openly staring, though I was sure only Evan knew of it. And once again, for the briefest of moments, his steel-gray eyes caught mine, and they shifted to they're serpentine beauty. A shiver ran down my spine as the look of ownership crossed those deadly orbs. But our locked gaze ended as everyone started shifting to allow for the Baron and the Baroness to have the first dance, the child having been taken by a nursemaid.
The music was beautiful - a common classic piece - and the Baron and Baroness swirled around the dance floor before other nobility joined.
My Dragon headed towards me-- though not in an obvious manner. He would glide from group to group, slowly making his way in my direction. But it would have to be me, as the Governess, to call out to him, no matter how undignified it might be. People would be suspicious if the high standing Duke were to start up a conversation with a mere Governess.
Just as he was passing Evan and I (Evan was sneezing again), I called out to him.
"Ah, why if isn't the Duke Wind Catcher."
Draco stopped and turned, smiling.
"Wind teacher," he nodded as he kissed the back of my gloved hands, "a pleasure to see you again." Draco gazed down at Evan and gave a slight smile. "Why, if isn't the young wind himself."
Evan gave a bow, knowing Draco was of a much higher position. And my Dragon took in all detail of the bastard: Evan's frightfully red nose and cheeks, slightly glazed eyes, runny nose, stringy hair, and the air of the doomed.
But despite all this, my Dragon gave a slight inclination of his head.
"Madame Wind teacher, would you care to dance with me?"
I opened up my fan and started to fan myself (7), hiding my blush.
"I would be delighted Duke Wind Catcher."
Draco kissed the back of my hand again before leading me to the dance floor, catching just about every noble and aristocrats' eye.
He gently turned me before we started dancing arm-in-arm; to all observant we were just a little closer than necessary. To my Dragon and me, a chasm lied between the distance forced upon us and a cruel flimsy bridge made of the contact allowed to us linked the sheer-cliff edges.
"You look so beautiful Harry," my Dragon whispered as he spun me.
"I'm so cold Draco."
His hand quickly rested at the small of my back and I felt his inferno leak into me.
"Meet me tonight."
I was gently lifted into the air with his hands resting on my hips while his strong arms lifted me high. Some of the other women were merely lifted a few inches off the ground because the men they danced with were more fragile than they were. He set me down and we continued to waltz with the other dancers.
"When, where?"
"Midnight, garden" he whispered.
And then we switched partners, I would not get to dance with him for the rest of the song, and even when the music ended, I wouldn't be able to dance with him for the rest of the night.
As planned, when I returned to Evan he was having such a coughing fit that we left the ball. My hand rested on his back as I guided him up to his room.
I would stay with him for a few hours and once he fell asleep I would go and meet my Dragon.


Evan's maids and butlers were ready for us long before we arrived to his rooms. Two cups of steaming hot chocolate with just enough cream for it to be warm for him and scalding for my own awaited us on his dresser.
The covers of his bed were pulled back and on his pillow rested his favorite toy Morgriff, a stuffed lion. A warm bath had been drawn and by the door of the bath were his night clothes. His chamber maid quickly saw to his undressing and Evan was too tired to argue against the bath like all little boys do. I left the maids to do what they did so well and went over to the small selection of books and pulled out Aesop's Fables to read to him until he fell asleep, which would be soon.
I sat myself down on the small stool beside the large bed and opened the book. Ginny, the boy's chamber maid, led him to the bed with a smile before she paled at the sight of me.
"Thank you Ginerva, you will leave now and I require that the rest of the staff exit as well. You are welcome to enjoy the ball; I will speak to Lord Finnigan if a problem arises from it."
"Err, yes, of course Miss Potter… Thank you…"


When the door closed behind he last servant I removed my glasses and gazed down at Evan, safely tucked under the covers but such an act was wasted as no tenderness would cure him.
He gave me a small smile and I felt a pain in my chest, a pull. I ran a gloved hand through his hair and smiled.
"You did very well Evan."
"How long?" his voice was a whisper as he gazed down into his hot chocolate.
"Another week, and then, well, it will be quick Evan, you'll grow tired, you'll go to sleep and --"
"Never wake up…" he gulped.
I nodded and continued to keep smiling as I caressed his cheek.
"Goodnight Evan," I stood, brushing the front of my skirts.
He shivered and I exited the room, closing the door behind me.


I walked out in the gardens, the full moon looming over my head like a blood covered coin. I was alone in the garden maze; the corner I had secluded myself in had higher hedges than the rest of the maze and hid me from sight.
I heard a soft shuffle and the smell of hemlock and deadly nightshade wafted towards me and I smiled as burning arms wrapped around my waist and harsh biting fangs mauled into my throat. I felt my body fill with warmth as blood spilt past the wound and into his mouth. He feasted upon my cold blood.
I reached back with my gloved hand and wrenched at his hard cock through his pants.
"Draco," I moaned as I bucked back into him.
"I missed you so much Harry, my angel."
"My dragon, soon, so very soon I promise."
Claws scoured against my cheeks and I sunk my nails into his skull.
"Need you, need to be in you, need your cold," he hissed as he started to snap at the lobe of my ear.
"Stupid boy," I hissed as I spun us around so that I now had his back turned to me and I was gripping his skull tighter, blood soaking into my gloves.
I sucked at the skin I could see and felt my fingers lengthen into claws, the black fabric tearing and ripping to accommodate the change.
"Yes Dragon?" I sneered.
"You can't do it."
I growled as I shoved him into the bench, his clothed back prostrated to me.
"Can't I?"
He stood bent over with his hands resting on the surface of the bench before he spun around and the steel eyes of the Dragon caught mine. I stepped back as he sneered, his fangs glistening with poison.
"No," his voice was deeper and a drop of poison spilt past his lips, "you can't Angel."
I snarled as I took off my gloves and ran at him, claws ready to strike.
I got a blow across his chest, shredding his waistcoat before his own claws snapped out at my neck and slammed my head against the very same stone bench.
"I hate you!"
I was suddenly lifted into the air, his claws gripping my throat.
"It doesn't matter Angel."
I kicked out and struck his ribs. He stumbled back, releasing his grip and I lunged at him. I knocked us to the ground and started to slash at his clothes and once I saw his pale flesh I began to tear at it.
"I hate you I hate you I hate you!" I screamed.
I gazed into his eyes and saw nothing but understanding there, understanding and adoration. Eyes that kept saying "no you don't and I know you don't." They weren't right they weren't! No! No!
I moved to gouge out his eyes but he caught my wrist and sat up smiling gently as his dragon eyes just kept gazing at me. I was straddling his waist and he kissed the inside of my wrist before kissing away my tears. His poison tingled my skin as it burned away some of the layers of dead cells.
"I know," he whispered in my ear before he soothingly pushed me back against the ground. "I know," his hands hiked up my skirts before trailing up my thighs. "I know."
I shook my head but my Dragon just kept kissing my skin.
"My strong Angel," he nipped at my jaw.
"I hate you," I sobbed. "I-I h-hate you so much," my words were coming in sort gasps as he tenderly stroked my cock.
"I know, you want to claw out my heart and rip out my throat."
"I hate you, I want to hate you."
He smiled, his fangs scraping against my body while his hands were sure as they worked over my cold skin. His heat coursed through me, from his lips, from his eyes, from his hands, from his blood.
"I know."
"I'm sorry Dragon."
"Shh Angel, your Dragon is here now."
"I hate you."
I pulled his chin towards me and kissed him, poison seeping into my mouth and I gulped it down. Its scathing burn trailed through my body and I jerked with a moan.
"Show me how much you hate me," he whispered against my lips.

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Tags: author: bleeding star goddess, contains: bdsm, contains: gore, contains: violence, fic length: long, fic length: one shot, genre: dark, genre: smut, kink: blood-play, kink: crossdressing, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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