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ANNOUNCING: The 2016 Draco tops Harry Fest

There are bad news and good news.

The bad news is that my wonderful co-mod corona_0304 has not been on LJ in quite some time and is not available for co-modding the fest with me this year.

The good news is that the dracotops_harry Fest will of course take place. ♥

Prompting will open next Monday. There will be promotion banners available to pimp the fest wherever you can think of. The Fest Rules will be posted in the next days.

♦ Schedule of the dracotops_harry Fest 2016 ♦

Prompt Collection: January 11 to 20, 2016
Sign-ups & Prompt Claiming starts: Friday, January 22
Submissions due: March 20, 2016
Fest starts: Friday, April 1
Posting ends: April 27 or whenever we run out of submissions
Reveal goes up: May 6

Art, fic and podfic submissions are accepted.

2016 is the sixth round of the dracotops_harry Fest! Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support for top!Draco/bottom!Harry! Looking forward to your awesome prompts. :)

Your excited mod -
vaysh & corona_0304 NEW
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