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FIC: Merlin, Give Me Strength (NC-17)

Today, we are posting a 12-chapter, 86K words novel. The posts tomorrow and on Monday will be short fics to give you more time to read:

Title: Merlin, Give Me Strength
Author: aelys_althea
Prompt: #18
Summary: Draco retreated after the war. Despite the Wizarding world turning a smiling, forgiving face to any and all with a black name and stained reputation, he wanted none of it. All Draco wanted was to be left alone. Unfortunately for him, Harry Potter doesn’t want to leave him alone. And more than that, he finds himself with the most unlikely of houseguests that he just can’t seem to rid himself of. Why is life never simple?
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Other than some rather intense pining on the horizon, I think it's alright.
Word Count: ~86K

( Merlin, Give Me Strength )
Tags: [admin] fest-2016, author: aelys_althea, contains: animagus, contains: dark magic, contains: pining, era: post-war, ewe, fic length: chapter, fic length: long, genre: angst, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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