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FIC: The Twelve Trials of Christmas (R)

Title: The Twelve Trials of Christmas
Author: aelys_althea
Prompt: #62
Summary: Nearly six months Harry and Draco had been together. Nearly six months Sirius had had to grow accustomed to the fact. And was he accustomed?
No way in hell. There were some things that a man just couldn't stand for, and his godson dating a Malfoy sat front and centre at the top of his list. But how does one break apart a relationship when the active participants seem to think it is, actually, a relationship?
Sirius was still working on that one.
Rating: R
Warning(s): Not a huge amount. Except that Sirius is a bit of a selfish little boy.
Word Count: 33.5K
Author's Notes: This story is told entirely from Sirius' perspective. It is a Drarry fic, however, so they are the main (and only) pairing. It's just told as Sirius sees it, which is, admittedly, not in a very favourable light. At all.

( The Twelve Trials of Christmas )
Tags: [admin] fest-2016, author: aelys_althea, contains: outsider pov, era: hogwarts, fic length: long, genre: au, genre: fluff, rating: r, type: fic

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