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Draco tops Harry Fest: Round up for Week Three

Weekly Round-up of the dracotops_harry Fest
Week Three


After class (PG-13)
Summary: Professor Malfoy has plans for Harry's detention.

It Started with an Apple (PG-13)
Summary: All it takes is one random act to spark the change of a relationship.


Uncivilized (NC-17 | 2,230)
Summary: Draco's boss brings out his uncivilized side.

Ferret Face (R | 26,000)
Summary: Draco’s not feeling quite himself. Harry is obsessed with dead. And everyone else is just so much more mature these days.

Solidarity (NC-17 | 16,700)
Summary: Six years after the war, Harry runs into Draco again who Harry learns is an LGBTQ+ activist. Harry decides to join him in campaigning when a proposition to legalise same-sex marriage is put to a public vote.

The Dragon’s Arms (NC-17 | 22,521)
Summary: Since the war, Harry’s been living on the fringes of the Muggle world and alienated from the Wizarding world. Draco’s struggled his whole life to satisfy his father’s idea of what it means to be a “Malfoy Man” in the Wizarding world, never comfortable in the role. Can they help each other find a place where they feel at home?

The Twelve Trials of Christmas (R | 33,500)
Summary: Nearly six months Harry and Draco had been together. Nearly six months Sirius had had to grow accustomed to the fact. And was he accustomed?
No way in hell. There were some things that a man just couldn't stand for, and his godson dating a Malfoy sat front and centre at the top of his list. But how does one break apart a relationship when the active participants seem to think it is, actually, a relationship?
Sirius was still working on that one.
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