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FIC: Higher and Higher (Temptation) (NC-17)

Title: Higher and Higher (Temptation)
Author: birdsofshore
Prompt: #165
Summary: Only Harry Potter could manage to put on a magical collar on impulse and find himself unable to take it off again. Now following Draco’s direct orders gives him intense pleasure, and Draco has a whole heap of troubles to deal with, not least the way Potter looks when the collar has him gasping with bliss. The whole situation would test the morals of a saint... and Draco’s no saint.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Themes of D/s and consent
Word Count: ~28.5 k
Author's Notes: Many thanks to lomonaaeren for a prompt that nearly broke my brain. Writing a long and smutty fic for a fest was not really how I planned to spend my spare time over the last six weeks, but her wickedly-good scenario would not be denied.
Thank you so much to my wonderful beta for her endless stores of patience and smart advice. Thank you also to the mods for their generosity with extensions, and for running this fantastic fest.
The title is from Temptation by Heaven 17.

( Higher and Higher (Temptation) )
Tags: [admin] fest-2016, author: birdsofshore, contains: d/s, contains: dub-con, fic length: long, genre: smut, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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