dracotops_mods (dracotops_mods) wrote in dracotops_harry,

ART: I'll be there for You (PG-13)

Title: I'll be there for You
Artist: bererjs
Prompt: #3
Summary: Draco helps Harry through his depression after a work incident.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): blood, angst,
Medium: Paper & Photoshop
Artist's Notes: Well first I want to say a big huge over the top thank you to the mods for being so patient with me. Seriously, I cannot thank you guys enough. I don't think you guys would see this art if it wasn't for the patience of the Mods. Also, vaysh, thank you for the lovely prompt, it was such a lovely inspiration.

( I'll be there for You )
Tags: [admin] fest-2016, artist: knowmefirst, contains: angst, contains: disability, genre: hurt/comfort, rating: pg-13, type: art

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