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Draco tops Harry MASTERLIST 2016

And now, finally, the –

Masterlist of the 2016 dracotops_harry Fest


fire_juggler read Dapper by writcraft ( NC-17 | 00:33:22)


apriicat created Good Boy (NC-17)

meteobreak created One of These Days (G)

digthewriter created After Class (PG-13)

fuyutu created It Started with an Apple (PG-13)

sugareey created A Whole New World (PG)

bererjs created I'll be there for You (PG-13)


astolat wrote Newts (NC-17 | 13,760)

burnin_up_a_sun wrote I Will Be Good For You (NC-17 | 7,270)

themightyflynn wrote Draco Malfoy, Vampire Hunter (NC-17 | 3824)

gracerene wrote His to Command (NC-17 | 3,700)

_melodic_ wrote It’s Not Enough, Just a Touch (NC-17 | 11,798)

weight0fmywords wrote In Fire and Blood (NC-17 | 15,074)

thistle_verse wrote Late Bloomers (NC-17 | 13,000)

lomonaaeren wrote A Better Bargain Driven (R | 21,500)

aelys_althea wrote Merlin, Give Me Strength (NC-17 | 86,000)

lq_traintracks wrote Entropy to Ecstasy (NC-17 | 4,100)

articcat621 wrote Lust, Longing and Quidditch Supplies (NC-17 | 2,094)

bafflinghaze wrote Inexplicably, I Find Myself With You (R | 6,000)

fantasyfiend09 wrote Finding the Fit (NC-17 | 4,100)

kurla88 wrote Anglia (PG-13 | 8,953)

dicta_contrion wrote Moneymaker (NC-17 | 16,500)

klarogasms wrote Shut Up (NC-17 | 38,990)

digthewriter wrote Can't Think Straight (NC-17 | 9,500)

enchanted_jae wrote Uncivilized (NC-17 | 2,230)

sunseticmonster wrote Ferret Face (R | 26,000)

leontinabowie wrote Solidarity (NC-17 | 16,700)

ani_magi wrote The Dragon’s Arms (NC-17 | 22,521)

aelys_althea wrote The Twelve Trials of Christmas (R | 33,500)

sausaged wrote Plenty of Wits, Plenty of Squids (G | 4,200)

writcraft wrote Death Dreams (NC-17 | 9,600)

wantsunicorns wrote Love is a Deserter (NC-17 | 16,000)

birdsofshore wrote Higher and Higher (Temptation) (NC-17 | 28,500)

avrildulac wrote Seeing the Love (R | 16,750)

epsilonargus wrote God of Broken Things (NC-17 | 40,236)

epsilonargus wrote God of Lost Things (Sequel to God of Broken Things | NC-17 | 16,660)

Mistakes? Wrong links? Please let us know in comments!
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