dracotops_mods (dracotops_mods) wrote in dracotops_harry,

DTH Fest 2016: End of Fest!

We just posted the Masterlist/Reveal of the sixth dracotops_harry Fest. Sorry, people, for the delay. Both mods were offline on Friday.

In the next days, we'll add authors' and artists' name to the fest entries on livejournal (Yay, all authors/artist' names added!). On the few AO3 posts that were posted by us, we've removed the mod id.

If you rec any of the fest entries, please let us now about your rec. We're still collecting recs for Hot Recs for the daily_snitch.

During the next week, we'll reblog the fest entries with authors' and artists' names on the [dracotops-harry]dracotops-harry.

You've all been amazing. ♥ See you again in 2017, for the seventh dracotops_harry Fest.

corona_0304 and vaysh
Tags: [admin] announcement, [admin] fest-2016, [admin] leave your recs here, [admin] tumblr

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