dracotops_mods (dracotops_mods) wrote in dracotops_harry,

DTH Fest 2017: Submissions are due TODAY!

Dear participants of the dracotops_harry Fest -
thank you, all the 14 people who already submitted.
If you are one of the 18 people who have been given an extension, all is good. :)

Everybody else: your time is (almost) up!

Submissions are due today!
You have until midnight today to upload your submissions
to the AO3 Collection and send your header for the LJ post to dracotopsharry@gmail.com

Like each year, the Fest starts on April 1 March 31. We can't wait to share all the awesome fics, art and podfics with you.

The mods -
digthewriter and vaysh

Tags: [admin] announcement, [admin] fest-2017

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