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MOD POST: Changing the Publication Date on AO3

Dear dracotops_harry Fest participants -
this year's fest has just started. From now on, we will be revealing your fic/art on AO3 all through April. Because you post your stories to AO3 when you submit them to us, and we reveal them later, when the story actually posts for the fest, the posting date and publication date of your fic/art can be weeks apart.

Which means that the ao3feed-drarry on tumblr and other Harry/Draco feeds will not catch your fic/art and you are missing out on possible readers. Feeds do not catch fics retroactively on past dates.

As you posted your entries to AO3 yourself, our mod id "dracotopsharry_mod" does not have permission to edit your story. If you want your story to be in the Drarry feeds, you need to update your publication date to the current date yourselves.

This is how you edit/update the publication date.

Once your fic/art has posted to the dracotops_harry Fest, go to your fic and click the EDIT button.

Scroll down to the field ASSOCIATIONS. It will look like this:

change publication date01.jpg

Go to "Set a different publication date" and check the box. A menu will open that looks like this:

change publication date02.jpg

Update the publication date to the current date. Like this:

change publication date03.jpg

If you have any questions, ask in comments or mail us.

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