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FIC: Write the Way Out (NC-17)

Title: Write the Way Out
Author: carpemermaid
Prompt: #39, submitted by funnycup
Summary: When Draco finally gets his first real assignment as a reporter for the Daily Prophet, he didn’t imagine that he would be given the Potter beat. Resigning himself to writing boring pieces about dull charity functions and various Auror missions, Draco is more than surprised when he follows Potter into Muggle London and discovers Potter’s secret.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): mentions of Harry/OMCs, past Draco/Blaise if you squint, dream sex, nightclubs, powerful!Harry, wandless magic, UST, misunderstandings, hurt/comfort, pining, coming out, a dash of oblivious!Draco, reporter!Draco, Auror!Harry
Word Count: ~14,600
Author's Notes: Thanks to M for being a speedy and helpful beta!

( Write the Way Out )

Tags: [admin] fest-2017, contains: coming out, contains: pining, fic length: long, genre: hurt/comfort, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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