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FIC: in the ocean we'll be born anew (PG-13)

Title: in the ocean we'll be born anew
Author: awickedmemory
Prompt: #84 submitted by digthewriter
Summary: AU where Draco works at a shop and has no life. Everyone around him notices how lonely he is, except for Draco. And then Harry breezes in and everything changes.
Ten years after the war, Draco is running a shop in Muggle Venice. He has his routine. He likes routine. His routine helps keep him safe and grounded. So of course Harry Potter shows up and bollocks it all up.
Rating: Teen and up
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 11,423
Author's Notes: I couldn't quite work your special requests in there, mostly because I ran out of time, but I'll definitely add it as an epilogue after the fest. I hope you like it, dig!
A hundred thanks to my beta, Duomi, and a hundred thousand thanks to the admins for putting up with my life exploding and my need for extensions. <3

( in the ocean we'll be born anew )

Tags: [admin] fest-2017, era: post-hogwarts, fic length: medium, genre: au, rating: pg-13, type: fic

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