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PODFIC: Business Meetings, written by Lomonaaeren, read by SmirkingCat

Title: [podfic] Business Meetings
Author: lomonaaeren
Reader: smirkingcat
Cover Artist: smirkingcat
Author's Summary: Draco leads a powerful group if vampires. Harry is their Ministry-appointed negotiator. Cue a series of once-monthly meetings where Harry and Draco argue about the various virtues of attacking the Ministry versus holding back from doing so, and, eventually, other things.
Story: Business Meetings
Rating: Mature
Warning(s): graphic depictions of violence, vampires, vampire!Draco
Length: 04:30:48 hours
Download Links to chaptered podfic and audiobooks: mp3 (248MB) and m4b (2,7GB)
Music used: Song by Clairvoyance: Finally Call You God
Reader's Notes: i want to thank our amazing mods for permission and all the help that i got from them and which allowed me and made it possible for me to be part of the fest! then i want to say thank you to lyonessheart and themightyflynn for all the hand holding and help and motivation and believing in me and that i would be able to do this. and finally a huge thank you!!! to the chatzy-crew that dragged me along when editing was such a chore! thank you guys for helping me so much!
as per usual i recorded the whole thing twice but the first try was just way too fast and the words were not really audible, and really this one is much better in so many ways.
i hope that you will enjoy listening to the story, and i hope that i managed to draw out the awesomeness of it! many thanks to lomonaaeren again, for letting me record this story, i was so happy when i received permission and i gave it my best to have it ready for the fest! so please enjoy listening to it as i liked working on it.

podfic cover
Click on cover to download or stream on AO3.

Tags: [admin] fest-2017, author: lomonaaeren, podficcer: smirkingcat, rating: r, type: podfic

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