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And here it is: The DTH Fest 2017 BIG REVEAL!

Masterlist of the 2017 dracotops_harry Fest


agentmoppet read and capitu created cover art for Moneymaker by dicta_contrion (NC-17 | 01:56:17 hours)

smirkingcat read and created cover art for Business Meetings by lomonaaeren (R | 04:30:48 hours)


apriicat created Night In (NC-17 | digital)

creole_toile created Ascendency (G | colored pencil, watercolor, marker)

digthewriter created Regretfully Resorted (G | digital)

shiftylinguini created The Story Behind (R | pencil, pen)

sugareey created Body Art (NC-17 | digital)


_melodic_ wrote The Fear is Just an Illusion (NC-17 | 37,805 words)

agentmoppet wrote One Big Misunderstanding (NC-17 | 6.8k words)

articcat621 wrote His Promise (NC-17 | 1,215 words)

awickedmemory wrote in the ocean we'll be born anew (NC-17 | 11,423 words)

bangyababy wrote The Great British F*ck-Off (NC-17 | 9.6K words)

carpemermaid wrote Write the Way Out (NC-17 | ~14,600 words)

cat_wolfe wrote The Full Monty (NC-17 | ~9,800 words)

dragontara wrote Testing a Champion (NC-17 | 5,656 words)

ea_stofnar wrote My Hands Never Knew The Time (R | 18,490 words)

enchanted_jae wrote Spilled Tea (NC-17 | 1,492 words)

felixfvlicis wrote In inceptum finis est (NC-17 | 19,098 words)

firethesound wrote You Send Me (Honest You Do) (NC-17 | 37K words)

gracerene wrote The Things That I Desire (NC-17 | ~9,650 words)

hollyxhawthorn wrote A Sticky Situation (NC-17 | 8,651 words)

icicle33 wrote Consequences (NC-17 | ~8.000 words)

inspired_being wrote The Best Way To Keep A Secret (NC-17 | 3,809 words)

leontinabowie wrote Twenty (NC-17 | 23K words)

lomonaaeren wrote This Candle Burns (R | 13,800 words)

lyonessheart wrote For Better, for Worse (PG-13 | 5,172 words)

marysiak wrote A Dark Influence (NC-17 | 5,627 words)

nerdherderette wrote Fallaway (NC-17 | ~24,530 words) with illustrations by @alias-sqbr on tumblr

oceaxe wrote An Unconventional Means of Settling the Score (NC-17 | ~10.5K words)

roxannepackard wrote What the – How Much Did I Drink? (NC-17 | 5,544 words)

roxannepackard wrote Too Slytherin for His Own Good (NC-17 | 10,914 words)

roxannepackard wrote Will Reaper (NC-17 | 21,514 words)

sausaged wrote Ronald Weasley, the Great Poet: Simple Man, Friend of Harry, Tolerator of Malfoy (G | 5,601 words)

favicontheweightofmywords wrote I Roll, and I Roll, 'til I Change my Luck (NC-17 | 8,651 words)

ustorycollector wrote Just Friends (or why Draco Malfoy shouldn't have sex in his office) (NC-17 | ~35,500 words)

winkola wrote Fantastic Fantasies (NC-17 | 2,751 words)

writcraft wrote and illustrated Secret Love Song (NC-17 | ~22,000 words)

xerised wrote Buy A Heart (NC-17 | 17,670 words)

Thank you, everybody, who helped out with this year's fest. You are all the best.

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