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By Spiderhides
 Name Caked
 Fanon: Harry Potter World
 Pairing: D/H
 Beta magickalmiriam
 Rating: This is MA all the way.
 Summary & Disclaimer: Well what can I say but this is all smut, nothing more and    nothing less. It really does not have a plot at all. I write it like a porn movie. P.S. I don't own any of them but sure as hell love playing with them. It's AU


   You every have a need, a need to be touched, to be touched in places that only you know? That is exactly what happened to Harry J. Potter. He has been having an unbearable need to be fucked. Harry hasn’t been fucked in two weeks and it was driving him mad. Harry had been thinking about the last time he had sex and it been bothering him a lot lately. He met the hot number at this new club he heard of. The man was a tall black hair guy with sharp blown eyes. Harry had no problem taking the guy home.

              Harry fail upon his bed thinking of the guy. He became increase aware of the hard-on that was going in his pants, so he slowly removed them, and started to rub his growing cock. Harry spit into his hands and used it as lube; he always loved using spit as lube. He brought his legs upon the bed so that he could reach around to finger himself. That was the other thing Harry loved to do was to be fingered.

            Harry loved the feeling of fingers up his ass. He was moving it in time with the shucking of his cock. Harry removed his finger, and used the clear liquid for lube. Harry couldn't take it any more; he pushed upon his cock, and came with so much force that it almost made him fall upon the floor. Harry looked over his cum covered his fingers, and brought them to his mouth to lick them clean. Harry loves the taste of cum and the entire different flavor they came in. He thought of Baskin-Robbins and their 31 flavors of ice-cream when it came to cum. But, this action was not enough for Harry, he needed to be fucked, fucked he would be.

            After, playing with his cock, Harry took a shower, and entered the night hoping to find some hot piece of ass. He walked in and out of clubs looking to fine someone. Harry was about to call it a night when a man called out to him. "Hey you have a nice piece of ass," the man told Harry. Harry turned around to look at the guy who just made the remark. The man was coming out of the drugstore eating a candy bar.

            Harry gave the guy the once over and said, "Thank you. You’re not that bad looking yourself," Harry told the guy.

             “Of course not," the man responded.

            "Damn… this guy is full of himself." Harry thought.

            "Would you like to come home with me? I would love to fuck the shit out of that ass of yours. And, that wasn’t a joke by the way!" the man told Harry.

            “I would love to go home with you," Harry told the guy.

            "Good… now come with me," The man told Harry.

            Harry and the guy walked about 20 minutes before reaching the guy’s place. On the way there, the guy asked Harry, "What do you likes to do in bed?"   Harry looked into

the guy’s grayish/blue eyes and told him, "Anything and everything." 

            "Good,” the guy said with a smile.

            When they arrived at the guy’s house, the man told Harry to take a seat. Harry was happy to apply to what every the man told him. It was like Harry was under the guy’s spell or something. "Why don't you remove your clothing while I make some calls?" the man told Harry reaching down to pickup the phone. Harry did as the guy commend, which made him went in places.

            "I know that you will like what I have planned for tonight," the man told Harry, handing him a cold beer.

            "What do you have planned?" Harry asked with a small tone of joy in his voice.

            “I called some of my friends over. What do you think about that?" The guy told Harry sitting down next to him. The guy started to rub on Harry’s leg when there was a knock on the door. The guy walked over to the door and opened it; in walked five other guys. Harry mouth fell open when he saw how many guys had come over and how big they were. Harry knew that he was in for a ride. Each guy walked into the bedroom to remove their clothing. The red-head of the group come out of the room and grabbed Harry by the arm and led him into the bedroom.

               Harry was turned on by all of this play, and it showed by the growing rod that was tenting in his boxer/briefs. The red-head pushed Harry onto the bed, not hard, but with playfulness Harry saw it in the man’s eyes. Harry was told to lie on his back; he did as he was told. Harry felt a hand tear off his underwear. Then that hand slid between his checks and played with his hole. The man added some kind of liquid to his hand and rubbed it into Harry's ass.

            Harry felt a sharp pain when the man entered him, but the pain slow went away with the movement that came from the man behind him. When Harry felt the pressure build within himself then with out warning man stopped and turned Harry around. Harry about to complain to the man who was fucking him, when he saw who it was, the guy who brought him here. Harry also saw that there was a line forming behind him.

            "Shit," Harry thought, but he was still in the mood to get fucked by each and every one of them. Each guy took their turn with Harry and each time he felt the pressure build would they stopped. And, that was beginning to piss off Harry. When each guy had their turn the first guy took up point again. But, this time the other guys stood around Harry jacking off over him. The guy that was fucking Harry moved faster than he had the first time around.  Harry couldn't hold it in any more. He came all over himself. At the sight of Harry’s coming, the other guys came to in it fell upon Harry. The guy removed himself from Harry climbed over him and came on Harry’s face.

            Harry led on the bed, caked in all of the semen from the activity he was just in. And, he rubbed the semen in to his skin. Harry then lifted his hand to his mouth and licked off the collative cum, loving the flavor that came from the mixing their semen.

                                                     The End?

 Author's note: Caked is when you are covered in cum.


Tags: contains: moresome, fic length: one shot, fic length: short, genre: pwp, genre: smut, kink: facial, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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