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This is not the Claiming Post – This is the Prompt List!

Thank you everyone who submitted a prompt for the dracotops_harry 2018 FEST!

You can browse the Prompt List here.
This document has the prompt numbers!
We have 164 amazing prompts for the fest!

Art by @upthehillart

The Claiming Post goes up tomorrow at 4pm GMT!

♦ Claiming is first come, first claimed.
♦ You may claim your own prompt.
You can either
1. claim a prompt you submitted, once the Sign-up Post goes up. There is a risk, though, if you come too late and somebody else snatched your prompt.
Or you can
2. mail your prompt to the mods at dracotopsharry@gmail.com and tell us that you want to write your own prompt.
If you submitted the prompt you want to write, and want it removed from the Prompt List, please also mail the mods.
♦ You may claim a prompt for both art and fic at the same time. This prompt cannot be claimed by someone else.
♦ Prompt claiming is anonymous. When submissions are posted, the claimer = author/artist is not anonymous.

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