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DTH Fest: Weekly Roundup Week One <3

Weekly Round-up of the dracotops_harry Fest
Week One


semperfiona read Adrift: LJ | AO3, written by dysonrules (R | 1:29:02 hours)
Summary: Auror Harry takes a vacation in the Caribbean and ends up falling from the sky, straight into the lap of Draco Malfoy, modern pirate.



anemonen created Treat you like a gentleman: LJ | AO3 (R | digital)
Summary: Sometimes Harry wants Draco to lie back and just feel. Draco isn't hard to ask.

digthewriter created Another kiss and you'll be mine: LJ | AO3 (PG | digital)
Summary: Harry used his powers to help Draco when he was turning. Now, he can't seem to turn away from the man trapped in a werewolf's body.


enchanted_jae wrote The thrill of the hunt: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 3010 words)
Summary: When Auror Potter arrives to investigate a disturbance at Draco's laboratory, Draco can't resist sampling his blood... and his body.

goldentruth813 wrote For the price of a cup of tea: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 20410 words)
Summary: When Draco Malfoy returns to England, he doesn’t know what he is looking for. Meanwhile, Harry’s spent the last few years trying to make the magical world a better place, but he’s unable to escape the nagging feeling something will always be missing. Years later, when they reconnect and find in each other an equal match, the missing pieces of their lives begin to fall into place.

[tumblr.com profile] LowerEastSide wrote Whole new kinds of weather: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 2650 words)
Summary: She's just as compelling as she's ever been.

maraudersaffair wrote Nothing but a heartbeat: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 3600 words)
Summary: After Draco is attacked by a werewolf, Harry attempts to help him. Too bad Draco wants to swallow him whole.

nerdherderette wrote I'm Yours.You're Mine: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 10630 words)
Summary: To everyone else, Harry Potter has it all: the perfect marriage, the perfect job, and the perfect life. - Only Draco knows the truth.

siriuslysnuffls wrote Unintended: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 5520 words)
Summary: The Elder Wand is more than it seems, and breaking it has unintended consequences. After years of attempting to break the curse placed on his very core, he only has one hope left, Draco Malfoy.

[archiveofourown.org profile] thecouchsofa wrote Paint my spirit gold: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 38290 words)
Summary: Harry might not so secretly love Draco Malfoy’s films, but that doesn’t mean he wants the git making one about his life.

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