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DTH FIC: Have A Little Faith, by Erin Riwen (NC-17)

Title: Have A Little Faith
Author: Erin_Riwen (on AO3)
Prompt: # 59
Summary: When a sick child brings Harry and Draco back together, it’s up to Harry to figure out how to convince Draco that dating him really is a good idea.
Rating: Explicit | NC-17
Warning(s): No warnings
Word Count: 13,364
Author's Notes: This was a real joy to write. Prompt was ‘Single dad!Draco is Harry’s soft point. Slow build, all the cuteness. Draco being hard to get.’ Sadly rl became a bear for me and my beta and it meant that some slow build/hard to get detail I wanted to include got left out but I did try and do the prompt justice. I hope the prompter, lemmon-pie, is pleased with the effort.
Huge thanks to TV who was both alpha and beta for me. You’re the best!
Song lyrics totally belong to Richard Marx, my muggle guilty pleasure and all characters and such belong to JKR et al.<

( Have A Little Faith )

Tags: [admin] fest-2018, contains: foot fetish, fic length: long, genre: kid fic, genre: romance, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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