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DTH PODFIC: [podfic] Seeking: Draco Malfoy, written by Ashiiblack, read by Semperfiona (NC-17)

Title: [podfic] Seeking: Draco Malfoy
Author: ashiiblack
Reader: semperfiona
Author's Summary: Harry knows Draco wants him, but is too nervous to do anything about it. He decides to place a sex ad to lure him in.
Story: Seeking: Draco Malfoy
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Dom/sub BDSM, breathplay
Length: 20:32 minuters
Download Link(s): MP3 | M4A
Reader's Notes: betaed by my wife Tammie

Seeking Draco Malfoy
Click on cover to get to AO3 podfic page.

Tags: [admin] fest-2018, author: ashiiblack, contains: bdsm, podfic length: 0-30 minutes, podficcer: semperfiona, rating: nc-17

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