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DTH Fest: Weekly Roundup Week Three :)

Weekly Round-up of the dracotops_harry Fest


semperfiona read Seeking Draco Malfoy: LJ | AO3 by ashiiblack (NC-17 | 20:32 minutes)
Summary: Harry knows Draco wants him, but is too nervous to do anything about it. He decides to place a sex ad to lure him in.



Oreyuusha created What He Usually Do: LJ | AO3 (G | digital)
Summary: What's more comfortable than your lover's warmth in a chilly winter? Well, none at the moment! But really no matter what season he's always like this when it's just the two of them.

DrarryProdigy illustrated The Potter's Infamous Bun: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | digital)


cassiara wrote Blue Roses And Other Impossible Things: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 40,200 words)
Summary: After Harry saved Draco from the Room of Requirement there was a moment when Draco gave Harry a look. Harry didn’t know what to make of it, and he had a war to fight so he ignored it. Now though, they’re back at Hogwarts sharing a dorm and Harry is obsessed with seeing that look again.

DrarryProdigy wrote The Potter's Infamous Bun: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 5200 words)
Summary: Harry thought that he would be left alone at last, preoccupied with thoughts about his life, but instead got hit by a spell. And by Malfoy of all people!

emi_chirescue wrote never knew what i was missing (but i knew once we start kissing): LJ | AO3 (PG-13 | 11480 words)
Summary: Draco ends up the newest matchmaker in Aphrodite's arsenal. It doesn't help that the job doesn't come with an instruction manual.

mischieviolet wrote He'll Never Love You (Like Me): LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 6607 words)
Summary: It isn't a relationship, it's a convenience.
At least that's what he convinced himself of until his treacherous heart decided he couldn't bear seeing another article in the Prophet about how breathtaking the Minister looked last night at the Gala dancing in the arms of some foreign dignitary. In the arms of another man.

sausaged wrote Slither Me Timbers: LJ | AO3 (R | 4630 words)
Summary: You see, the thing with Malfoy is that... he like reptiles. So, in order for Harry to catch a shred Draco's attention at all, is for him to also like reptiles... Right?

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